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10th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium

Sponsored by the Office of Graduate Studies, Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC), and ResearchOne

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Marshall Student Center Ballroom

About the Symposium

Link: Overview of the USF Graduate Student Research Symposium (with an archive of award winners)

The 10th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium provided a venue for graduate students in all disciplines to present their current research and obtain feedback from faculty and peers. The event brought together graduate students, faculty mentors, and judges in an effort to foster further academic collaboration.


This year we had 167 posters presented at the Symposium. We've created a PDF with all of the presenters' abstracts - showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting research at USF!

Link: 2018 Graduate Student Research Symposium - Abstracts

2018 Florida Statewide Graduate Research Symposiun

On Friday, April 20, 2018, 10 students representing USF presented their work at Statewide Graduate Research Symposium and 2 other students competed in the statewide 3MT® competition. Chen Hao Lo (CMMB) tied for 2nd place overall in the poster competition for his work in cancer biology at Moffitt Cancer Center. Patrick Cooper (Music Education) won the Arts & Humanities poster award.


Arts and Humanities
Patrick Cooper Title: Essentialist Stereotypes for Instruments Prescribe Instrument Selection for 5th Grade
  College: College of the Arts
  Department: School of Music
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Monica Landers Title: Treatment Outcomes of Justice-Involved CSEC Victims: Youth Strengths as Mediators
  College: College of Behavioral and Community Sciences
  Department: Criminology
Ashley Maxwell Title: Stable Isotope Analysis of the Diet of Romans and Langobards in the Veneto from Late Antiquity to the Medieval Period
  College: College of Arts and Sciences
  Department: Applied Anthropology
Biological and Chemical Sciences
Nicole Avalon Title: Predictive Databases, Computational Peptide Sequencing, and Secondary Metabolite Identification from a New Antarctic Pseudovibrio Species
  College: College of Arts and Sciences
  Department: Chemistry
Sylvia Singh Title: Lipidated α/α-AA Heterogeneous Peptides as Antimicrobial Agents
  College: College of Arts and Sciences
  Department: Chemistry
Nicholas David Smith Title: Investigating Elementary Students’ Social Functioning Using a Dual-Factor Model of Mental Health
  College: College of Education
  Department: Educational and Psychological Studies
Love Kumar Sah Title: Architectural Support for Mitigating Buffer-Overflow Software Attack
  College: College of Engineering
  Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Amber Gatto Title: Design and Development of a Wrist-Hand Orthosis for Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury
  College: College of Engineering
  Department: Mechanical Engineering
Health Sciences
Chen Hao Lo Title: Computational Modeling of Macrophage Polarization Dynamics in Skeletal Malignancies: An Integrated In Silico and In Vivo Approach
  College: College of Arts and Sciences
  Department: Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Helena Hernandez-Cuervo Title: The In Vitro Role of BMI1 in Acute Lung Injury
  College: Morsani College of Medicine
  Department: Molecular Medicine
Natural and Physical Sciences
Theresa King Title: Antarctica in Hot Water: Employing A Suite of Archives and Techniques to Understand the Melting Continent Past
  College: College of Marine Science
  Department: Geological Oceanography
Cassandra Smith Title: A Case Study of Volcanic Lightning at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan and its Potential Use as an Indicator of Volcanic Ash Parameters
  College: College of Arts and Sciences
  Department: Geology

Event Format

The Research Symposium is a half-day event consisting of graduate student poster presentations, judging, and a reception. Applications that meet submission qualifications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Faculty Review and Awards

All posters will be viewed by at least one judge who will evaluate various aspects of the poster itself as well as the scholars' ability to effectively present and discuss their research. Based upon the judges' evaluations, there will be twelve (12) $500 conference travel awards presented to participants of the research symposium; one from each of six general disciplines, and six additional awards based on the relative number of submissions in those disciplines. Winners will be notified by e-mail.