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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Provost's Postdoctoral Initiative in the Social Sciences and Humanities

In 2007, the university embarked on a bold, ambitious plan to elevate the performance and rankings of the University of South Florida as one of the nation's leading research universities. Entitled the 2007-2012 Strategic Plan, this initiative provided the USF community with a clear vision, goals, strategies, and measures to promote alignment and success. It was clearly directed at ensuring student success, contributing innovation and new knowledge, and advancing economic development in Florida, the nation, and globally. Past awardees of the program hold permanent positions at prestigious institutions such as: University of Georgia, Bryn Mawr, University of San Diego, Towson University, the University of Missouri and the University of Texas at El Paso.

2017-18 Applications will be accepted starting September 1st. Please check back for the application. Contact us.

As part of this initiative, the University of South Florida instituted a new Postdoctoral Scholars program beginning with the social sciences and humanities in 2009. The postdoctoral scholars that were chosen from the nearly 225 applications received for the pilot program have not only been essential to the research and scholarly mission of the University of South Florida, but thay have already enriched the USF research community with their knowledge and expertise.

This innovative program has met with so much acclaim and praise that the Provost has decided to make it an ongoing program. Below a summary of the contributions from the Provost's Postdoctoral Initiative in Social Sciences and Humanities to USF and appointed Postdoctoral Scholars since its start in 2009 can be reviewed:

Provost's Postdoctoral Initiative Report

2016-17 Provost's Postdocs

  • Christopher Stroop, Stanford University, Department of History
  • Jennifer Rodgers, University of Pennsylvania, Department of History
  • Julia Mezaros, Boston University, Department of Sociology
  • Kevin Ash, University of South Carolina, School of Geosciences
  • Ashique Rahman, University of Arizona, Department of Anthropology
  • Joshua Carney, Indiana University, Department of Communication
  • Cara Daggett, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Government and International Affairs
  • Robert Wakeman, University of Maryland, Department of English

Below are the themes for each year the program has been offered and the requirements to apply: