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Graduate Catalog 2016/2017

Nursing Science (NUS)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
CIP Code: 51.3808
College of Nursing (NR)
Total Minimum Program Hours Required (Post Bachelor's Degree): 99
Total Minimum Program Hours Required (Post Masters Degree): 60

Contact Information:
College of Nursing
Nursing Department (NUR)
4202 E. Fowler Avenue
Tampa FL  33620

Program Director or Coordinator:
Nursing Admissions
Phone: 813-974-2191


Faculty Search: Nursing Faculty List

Program Information

The Ph.D. Nursing Program prepares scholars to:
  • Conduct original research that informs practice and health policy;
  • Apply professional and research ethics and judgment in the conduct of research;
  • Disseminate research findings to lay and professional audiences and identify implications for policy, nursing practice and the profession;
  • Use innovative approaches to advance nursing science;
  • Enact the evolving roles and responsibilities of a nurse scientist;
  • Contribute to team science and interdisciplinary collaborations;
  • Provide leadership to community, professional, and scientific organizations; and
  • Contribute to a global, inter-professional or interdisciplinary community of scholars.

Accreditation Information:

Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of College and Schools.


Admissions Information

Admission Deadlines

There is an established University deadline for the submission of admission application materials. Programs may have earlier deadlines than the University deadline. The deadlines reflected below are the earliest of the two deadlines. Graduate Programs may continue to accept and process applications after the published deadline if space exists within the program. Check with the Program for availability.

Application Deadline (domestic application)

Fall: December 15
Spring: ---
Summer: ---

International Students

Foreign applicants who are outside the U.S. are required to apply for a visa. Depending on the country of origin, this may take a few months. So the deadlines for these international applicants may be earlier than the Program deadline and these applicants must apply prior to both deadlines. They are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible. Foreign applicants who are in the U.S. and are currently on a visa may use the domestic application deadline dates. In addition to meeting the published application deadline for the Program of interest, all immigration documents should be submitted as soon as possible, but must be on file at USF no later than the following processing deadlines:

Fall: February 15
Spring: ---
Summer: ---

Admission Requirements

You must comply with general University policies and meet general University Admission requirements in addition to those listed below.

Must meet University requirements (see Graduate Admissions) as well as requirements listed below.

Program Admission Requirements

  • 3.00 GPA
  • B.S. in Nursing from a regionally accredited program (for post-bacc program)*
  • M.S. in Nursing from a regionally accredited program (for post-masters program)*
  • Clear potential for research contributions
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Demonstrated commitment to doctoral study and scholarly productivity
  • Evidence of potential for leadership in nursing profession
  • GRE
  • Licensure as a registered nurse if performing clinical work
  • Three letters or recommendation
  • Written Statement of Professional Goals
  • Prerequisite NGR 7848 or equivalent prior to full-time enrollment
  • *Applicants with degrees in other fields may also be considered.

Applicants to the Ph.D. program who have completed a professional doctorate degree (DNP) may have professional degree credits transferred into the Ph.D. in Nursing Science. The transfer of credits is determined on an individual basis and will be at the discretion of the Colleges doctoral committee.

Requirements for Transfer of Credits:

    • GPA Credits transferred in must have a grade of B or higher
    • For internal institutional credits the grade of the transferred course:
      • Will be calculated in the GPA at USF
      • Will be noted on the transcript as the grade earned
    • For external institution credits the grade of the transferred course:
      • Will not be calculated in the GPA at USF
      • Will be noted on the transcript by a T from a non-USF institution
      • Will be noted on the transcript by a N/A if from a USF regionally accredited institution
    • Credit Hours may not exceed 40% of the Ph.D. program requirements for total course hours. Credit hours from a professional doctorate may not count towards dissertation requirements.
    • The doctoral committee will be responsible for evaluating, approving, and initiating the transfer as soon as possible following admission.

Admissions Status: Apply (Direct Receipt)


Program Degree Requirements

There are two programs of study that lead to the Ph.D. in Nursing: MS-Ph.D., BS-Ph.D.

M.S. - Ph.D.
Total Minimum Program Hours: 57 credit hours
Core 36
Cognate 9 hours
Dissertion 12 hours

A minimum of 57 hours post-masters is required. The program can be completed in three to four years by full-time students and five or more years for part-time students. Specific program requirements are determined on an individual basis by the students supervisory committee.

Core Requirements 36 hours
NGR 7111 (3) Disciplinary Perspectives of Nursing Science
NGR 7125 (3) Model Development for Nursing
NGR 7810 (3) Design, Measurement and Analysis in Nursing Research I
NGR 7812 (3) Design, Measurement and Analysis in Nursing Research II
NGR 7813 (3) Design, Measurement and Analysis in Nursing Research III
NGR 7814 (3) Design, Measurement and Analysis in Nursing Research IV
NGR 7836 (2) Responsible Conduct of Research
NGR 7915 (3) Advanced Directed Research in Nursing
NGR 7920 (1) Scientific Inquiry Forum required each semester prior to candidacy (4 hours minimum)
NGR 7936 (3) Innovative Programs in Biobehavioral Research
NGR 7938 (3) Innovative Programs in Symptom Management Research
NGR 7954 (3) Communicating Nursing Science

Satisfactory completion of the Knowledge Building Core required courses prepares students to successfully complete the dissertation research.

Cognate - 9 Credits
Students select a cognate area to further support the students area of expertise in nursing and the research problem that will be addressed by the dissertation research. Examples of appropriate areas of study for the cognate might be organizational administration, health policy, physiology, cognitive psychology, organizational psychology, gerontology, epidemiology, biostatistics, administration, applied anthropology, educational measurement or a nursing specialty.

Qualifying Examinations:
The qualifying examination is to be completed as soon as the majority of core and minor coursework is completed The purpose of the qualifying examination is to assess the students level of scholarship and research skills and to determine if the student possesses the critical and analytical skills necessary to undertake the dissertation research. The qualifying examination consists of a one-day written exam covering core and specialty content.

Dissertation -12 Credits
Students must complete and successfully defend a dissertation

B.S. -Ph.D.
Total Minimum Program Hours: 87 credit hours
Core 36 hours
Content Area 18 hours
Additional Coursework 12 hours
Cognate 9 hours
Dissertion 12 hours

A minimum of 30 hours beyond the M.S, - Ph.D. curriculum is required. The additional coursework must be approved by the students supervising committee. These 30 hours should provide students with the foundational knowledge to conduct their proposed research.

Students may select to complete the following masters degree tracks in nursing to meet this requirement. Students who select one of these options are required to complete all of the required courses of these tracks.

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care
Adult-Gerontology Primary Care
Adult-Gerontology Primary Care/Oncology
Family Health
Nursing Education
Pediatric Health

Alternatively, students may opt for a tailored plan of study developed in collaboration with their supervising committee. A minimum of 18 hours must be in an identifiable area of emphasis. Examples include entrepreneurship, informatics, medical sciences, and public health.

NOTE: Students are to meet with curriculum advisor for individual program plan.

College Degree Requirements

Refer to the College Section of theGraduate Catalog for College requirements and information.


USF Degree Requirements

See USF Degree Requirements —


Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

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Graduate Assistantships


Registration Process

First, contact your graduate program advisor for guidance courses to register for. Obtain any electronic course permit if necessary. Register for the new student orientation online at Then go to the link to OASIS, USF's on-line registration system to register for your classes. Follow the directions given on-line.

To access online course materials, students must have a USF NetID (e-mail account). Please visit: to obtain your NetID.

New students, including those studying online, may obtain a USFCard. Please visit: to obtain your USFCard.

Tuition and fees: Fees are determined by the level of the course. Please visit Cash Accounting, Controller's Office, for information on tuition and fees.


Graduate Course Information

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