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Graduate Catalog 2016/2017

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Studies (LAL)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
CIP Code: 16.0102
College of Arts and Sciences (AS)
Total Minimum Program Hours Required (Post Bachelor's Degree): 85
Total Minimum Program Hours Required (Post Masters Degree): 55

Contact Information:
College of Arts and Sciences
World Languages Department (WLE)
4202 E. Fowler Avenue CPR107
Tampa FL  33620

Program Director or Coordinator:
Amy Thompson
Phone: 813-974-3658


Faculty Search: Arts and Sciences Faculty List

Program Information

This program in Linguistics and Applied Language Studies is designed to train advanced students in the field in using principled, empirical approaches to address language-related issues in the 21st century. Our faculty are equipped to meet the needs of students with diverse interests in the field. By the end of the program, our students will be able to:

  • develop a strong knowledge base in the content areas of this field, including key topics, major lines of inquiry, current trends, and remaining questions;
  • develop expertise in critical thinking as well as in oral and written communication for academic and non-academic audiences;
  • contribute their expertise to advancing knowledge about the critical role of language(s) in a global society;
  • demonstrate mastery of research methods and use these methods to design and conduct independent research on various topics in this field;
  • contribute to the advancement of this field through scholarly publications and conference presentations;
  • gain experience in teaching undergraduate courses;
  • participate in professional activities in this field at national, regional, and local levels.

Major Research Areas:
Applied Language Studies, Applied Linguistics, Corpus linguistics, Discourse analysis, Individual differences, Intercultural communication, Language assessment, Second language acquisition, Second language learning and teaching, Second language phonology, Second language writing, and Text analysis.

Accreditation Information:

Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of College and Schools.


Admissions Information

Admission Deadlines

There is an established University deadline for the submission of admission application materials. Programs may have earlier deadlines than the University deadline. The deadlines reflected below are the earliest of the two deadlines. Graduate Programs may continue to accept and process applications after the published deadline if space exists within the program. Check with the Program for availability.

Application Deadline (domestic application)

Fall: January 15
Spring: ---
Summer: ---

International Students

Foreign applicants who are outside the U.S. are required to apply for a visa. Depending on the country of origin, this may take a few months. So the deadlines for these international applicants may be earlier than the Program deadline and these applicants must apply prior to both deadlines. They are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible. Foreign applicants who are in the U.S. and are currently on a visa may use the domestic application deadline dates. In addition to meeting the published application deadline for the Program of interest, all immigration documents should be submitted as soon as possible, but must be on file at USF no later than the following processing deadlines:

Fall: January 15
Spring: ---
Summer: ---

Admission Requirements

You must comply with general University policies and meet general University Admission requirements in addition to those listed below.

Must meet University requirements (see Graduate Admissions) as well as requirements listed below.

Program Admission Requirements
Students also must have the following:

  • MA in Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, TESOL, Second Language Studies, Foreign Languages, or a related field
  • Experience with an additional language(s)
  • GRE scores (taken within the last five years): Verbal reasoning: 153 (500, approximately 60% percentile); Quantitative reasoning: 144 (500, approximately 20% percentile); Analytical writing: 4.0.
  • TOEFL scores (for international applicants): 100 ibt (or 7.5 on IELTS note that IELTS scores cannot be used for the TA language requirement, so TOEFL scores are strongly preferred)
  • GPA of 3.5 or higher in the MA degree
  • Statement of research interest
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • A writing sample that shows evidence of research skill. This can be published or unpublished, such as an article, an MA thesis, or an MA course paper.
  • 3 academic references
  • Interview with program faculty
  • Official transcripts (must provide an official translation if transcripts are not available in English from the degree-granting university)

Admissions Status: Apply


Program Degree Requirements

Total Minimum Program Hours: 55 hours Post-Masters

Core courses: all courses in this category must be taken (22 24 credits)
LIN 6720         3        Second Language Acquisition 3 credits
LIN 7630         3        Seminar on Research and Writing in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7631         3        Advanced Seminar in Applied Linguistics (LIN 6720 prerequisite)
LIN 6675         3        The Grammatical Structure of American English, OR a course focusing on the morphology and syntax of another language in WLE department.
LIN 7635         3        Professional Development
LIN 7638         3        Qualitative Methods in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7639         3        Quantitative Methods in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7910         1-3        Directed research in Applied Linguistics: to be taken the semester of writing the qualifying exam paper

Foundation Course Electives (6 credits required).
Based on student’s prior educational background, recommendations will be made by the admissions committee and implemented by the academic advisor/ pedagogical coordinator. Each student is required to take a minimum of two of the following courses:

LIN 5700         3        Applied Linguistics
LIN 6081         3        Introduction to Graduate Studies
LIN 6675         3        Grammatical Structure of American English (can’t count as a foundation credit if used to satisfy the structure of a language credit)
TSL 5371         3        Methods of TESL
TSL 5372         3        ESL Curriculum & Instruction
TSL 5440         3        Language Testing
TSL 5525         3        Cross-Cultural Issues in ESL

General Electives (9 credits required).
Each student is required to take a minimum of three general electives. These can be from established course numbers or via the LIN 6932 special topics number and include the following:

LIN 6601         3        Sociolinguistics
LIN 6722         3        Writing process in SLA
LIN 6726         3        Individual Differences in SLA
LIN 6748         3        Contrastive Analysis

Sample Topics for LIN 6932:

  • Discourse Analysis
  • English for Academic Purposes/English for Specific Purposes
  • Task-Based Language Teaching
  • Sound System of English
  • Pragmatics for Language Teachers
  • Bilingualism/Multilingualism
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Language and Technology

Note: In special circumstances, additional courses from the “foundation course electives” group may be taken as electives.

Qualifying Examination
Students will complete a qualifying examination.

Dissertation hours 18 credits minimum
LIN 7980 Dissertation
Students will complete 18 hours of dissertation research. The student will submit a proposal to the committee members and, once approved, will participate in an oral defense of that proposal. Finally, the student will submit a completed dissertation draft to the committee members and once approved will participate in an oral defense of the dissertation.

College Degree Requirements

Refer to the College Section of theGraduate Catalog for College requirements and information.


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