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Graduate Catalog 2016/2017

Educational Program Development (EPD)

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
CIP Code: 13.0301
College of Education (ED)
Total Minimum Program Hours Required (Post Bachelor's Degree): 54
Total Minimum Program Hours Required (Post Masters Degree): 76

Contact Information:
College of Education
Leadership, Counseling, Adult, Career, and Higher Education (L-CACHE) Department (CNI)
4202 E. Fowler Avenue EDU105
Tampa FL  33620

Program Director or Coordinator:
Howard Johnston
Phone: 813-974-3460


Faculty Search: Education Faculty List

Program Information

The Doctor of Education degree is available in Educational Leadership and in Educational Program Development with concentrations/ specializations in Adult Education, Educational Leadership (K-12 and College Leadership), Elementary Education, Educational Innovation, and Special Education Administration and Supervision. The focus of this degree program is on the improvement of educational practice. Although research skills are recognized as being the basis of any doctoral program, the Ed.D. is considered more a practitioner’s than a research degree.  Currently, the degree in Special Education with a concentration in Administration and Supervision is closed to new admissions.

Accreditation Information:

Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of College and Schools.


Admissions Information

Admission Deadlines

There is an established University deadline for the submission of admission application materials. Programs may have earlier deadlines than the University deadline. The deadlines reflected below are the earliest of the two deadlines. Graduate Programs may continue to accept and process applications after the published deadline if space exists within the program. Check with the Program for availability.

Application Deadline (domestic application)

Fall: February 15
Spring: October 15
Summer: February 15

International Students

Foreign applicants who are outside the U.S. are required to apply for a visa. Depending on the country of origin, this may take a few months. So the deadlines for these international applicants may be earlier than the Program deadline and these applicants must apply prior to both deadlines. They are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible. Foreign applicants who are in the U.S. and are currently on a visa may use the domestic application deadline dates. In addition to meeting the published application deadline for the Program of interest, all immigration documents should be submitted as soon as possible, but must be on file at USF no later than the following processing deadlines:

Fall: February 15
Spring: September 15
Summer: January 15

Admission Requirements

You must comply with general University policies and meet general University Admission requirements in addition to those listed below.

Must meet University requirements (see Graduate Admissions) as well as requirements listed below.   Refer to each area of concentration for program admission requirements or contact department.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 in upper level division undergraduate coursework or grade point average of 3.50 at the master's level.
  • Three letters of recommendation to be submitted directly to the program.  These must be from professional sources, and, if possible, should include at least one reference from a USF faculty member.
  • Favorable recommendations from program faculty.
  • A master’s degree from an accredited university in education, a related professional field, or a specialization for which the student plans to develop educational programming.
  • An optional personal interview with the program faculty if the applicant has no previous relationship with the faculty.
  • Evidence of two years of successful professional experience in education or an education-related setting.
  • A personal statement indicating reasons for applying for the program, pertinent personal and professional qualities and dispositions, and training, experience, and credentials relevant to the pursuit of the Ed.D.

For international applicants
Applicants whose native language is not English or who have not earned a degree in the U.S. must, according to university policy, submit a TOEFL score (minimum of 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, or 80 internet-based test). See the Office of Graduate Studies website for further clarification and possible exemptions.  Please check with program regarding the policy on evaluation of transcripts.  For more information, please visit

Admissions Status: Apply


Program Degree Requirements

Total Minimum Hours:                                                                                                           54 credit hours post-master’s
Core – 3 hours
Statistics/Measurement/Research Design/Applied Research– 9 hours minimum
Psychological and Social Foundations– 3 hours minimum
Concentration – 15 hours minimum
Electives – 15 hours minimum
Dissertation – 9 hours minimum

Core Requirement  - 3 hours
EDG 7069        (3)              Sustainable Innovation in Education                                                                                     

Statistics/Measurement/Research Design/Applied Research – 9 hours minimum
Selection of three quantitative, qualitative, applied, or action research courses chosen in consultation with advisor.
EDF7408          (4)      Statistical Analysis for Educational Research II    

EDF7410          (4)      Design of Systematic Studies in Education                                                                                           
EDF7438          (4)      Advanced Educational Measurement I                                                                                                                 
EDF7484          (4)      Statistical Analysis for Educational Research III                                                                                                   
EDF7493          (4)      Systems Approaches for Program Planning, Evaluation and Development                         
EDF7477          (4)      Qualitative Research in Education Part I
EDF7478          (4)      Qualitatiave Research in Education Part II           

Psychological and Social Foundations Requirement - 3 hours
Course focused on equity, diversity and social justice chosen in consultation with advisor.

EDF7145         (4)      Cognitiv e Issues in Instruction
EDF7655          (4)      Organization Development in Educational Institutions                                                        

EDF6883          (4)      Issues in Multicultural Education                                                                                                          
EDF7934          (4)      Seminar in Social Foundations of Education                                                                        
EDF6938          (3)      History of Higher Education in the United States                                                                                                                

Concentration – 15 hours minimuim
Students select from the following concentrations:


Offered from the Department of Leadership, Counseling, Adult, Career, and Higher Education (L-CACHE)
Prepares leaders for adult, continuing education, and human resource development positions in a variety of employment settings.  The program is designed to develop the competencies of educational practitioners and to obtain and synthesize knowledge for the solution of educational problems and practices.  

Concentration Requirements:
Students select 15 credit hours from the following, or other graduate course as approved by the Graduate Program Director. For those who have not earned a master’s degree in adult education, the continuing education and human resource development specialization is the only specialization choice available.

Continuing Education and Human Resource Development Specialization
ADE 6198        (3)      Effective Continuing Education for Professional Groups                                              
ADE 7076        (3)      Continuing Education in the Community College and Higher Ed. 
ADE 7676        (3)      Human Resource Development Policy Seminar

Career and Workforce Development Specialization
ECT  7066        (3)      Foundations and Philosophy of Vocational-Technical Education
ECW        7105        (3)      Vocational and Adult Ed. Program Planning and Implementation       
ECT  6661        (3)      Trends and Issues in Career and Technical Education

Community College and Higher Education Specialization
EDH 6051        (3)      Higher Education in America                                                                                

EDH 6061        (3)      The Community College in America                                                                                              
EDH 7225        (3)      Curriculum Development in Higher Education                                                                              
EDH 7636        (3)      Organizational Theory and Practice in Higher Education                                             
EDH 6081        (3)      The Community College in Higher Education  

Offered in the Department of Teaching and Learning
The aim of the Concentration is to foster the development of effective and judicious innovators with the capacity to plan, develop, evaluate, and revise educational improvement efforts in their institutional settings.

Students complete 15 credit hours from the following, or other graduate course as approved by the Graduate Program Director.

EDG 7xxx         (3)      Problems of Practice in Education
EDG 7xxx         (6)      Graduate Seminar: Leader-Scholar Community
EDG 7xxx         (6)      Pract. Innovation in Education

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION (EEE) – Not open for admissions.
Offered from the Department of Teaching and Learning


Offered in the Department of Leadership, Counseling, Adult, Career, and Higher Education (L-CACHE)
The Ed.D. in Vocational Education is designed to develop the competencies of career and workforce education practitioners in a variety of employment settings. Practitioners will also obtain and synthesize knowledge for the solution of education problems and practices in the field.

Students select 15 credit hours from the following, or other graduate course as approved by the Graduate Program Director:
ECW 7066               (3)  Foundations and Philosophy of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education
ECW 7168               (4)  Instructional Development for Vocational, Technical and Adult Education                                     
ECW 7105               (3)  Vocational and Adult Education Program Planning and Implementation                                        
ECT 7791                 (3)  Research Seminar in Vocational, Technical and Adult Education                    
EDG 7931                (1-4)   Comparative Study of Career and Workforce Education Systems
EDG 6931                (1-4)   Equity and Access in the New Economy                                                                       

Electives – 15 hours
At least four additional 6000 or 7000 level courses selected in consultation with advisor.

ESE 7343         (3)      Teaching and Learning in the Content Areas
EDG7xxx          (3)      Transforming the Curriculum

Doctoral Qualifying Exam
See College requirements

Dissertation - 9 hours minimum
Students must be admitted to candidacy before they are permitted to enroll in dissertation hours.

EDG 7980                (9)      Dissertation in Practice

College Degree Requirements

Refer to the College Section of the Graduate Catalog for College requirements and information.


USF Degree Requirements

See USF Degree Requirements —


Financial Assistance

Financial Aid

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Registration Process

First, contact your graduate program advisor for guidance courses to register for. Obtain any electronic course permit if necessary. Register for the new student orientation online at Then go to the link to OASIS, USF's on-line registration system to register for your classes. Follow the directions given on-line.

To access online course materials, students must have a USF NetID (e-mail account). Please visit: to obtain your NetID.

New students, including those studying online, may obtain a USFCard. Please visit: to obtain your USFCard.

Tuition and fees: Fees are determined by the level of the course. Please visit Cash Accounting, Controller's Office, for information on tuition and fees.


Graduate Course Information

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