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Graduate Course Proposal Form Submission Detail - EDA6945
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Current Status: Approved, Permanent Archive - 2010-08-25
Campus: Tampa
Submission Type: Change
Course Change Information (for course changes only): Change course hours to variable 3-8. This is making the course as it was listed originally in the program.
Comments: GC approved 10/15/09; sent to UGS for SCNS submission 11/18/09; SCNS approved. Effective 12/11/09

Detail Information

  1. Date & Time Submitted: 2009-10-01
  2. Department: Educational Leadership
  3. College: ED
  4. Budget Account Number: TPA 173500
  5. Contact Person: Darlene Bruner
  6. Phone: 46039
  7. Email:
  8. Prefix: EDA
  9. Number: 6945
  10. Full Title: Administrative Practicum
  11. Credit Hours: 6
  12. Section Type: I - Internships (Including Practicum)
  13. Is the course title variable?: N
  14. Is a permit required for registration?: Y
  15. Are the credit hours variable?: Y
  16. Is this course repeatable?:
  17. If repeatable, how many times?: 0
  18. Abbreviated Title (30 characters maximum): Adm. Practicum
  19. Course Online?: C - Face-to-face (0% online)
  20. Percentage Online: 0
  21. Grading Option: S - S/U Only
  22. Prerequisites: Must be taken in last semester or next to last semester of program
  23. Corequisites:
  24. Course Description: The practicum provides students with opportunities to explore, apply, and reflect on their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in a variety of situations in a field setting.

  25. Please briefly explain why it is necessary and/or desirable to add this course: Needed to meet state requirements, licensure, etc
  26. What is the need or demand for this course? (Indicate if this course is part of a required sequence in the major.) What other programs would this course service? This course is offered each semester for eligible masters students in Educational Leadership.
  27. Has this course been offered as Selected Topics/Experimental Topics course? If yes, how many times?
  28. What qualifications for training and/or experience are necessary to teach this course? (List minimum qualifications for the instructor.) Experience in the field of Educational Leadership
  29. Objectives: Practicum field activities will vary widely among students but should be organized around a plan that (1) is related to the administrative needs of the school setting, (2) strengthens the leadership needs/experiences of the practicum student, and (3) demonstrates performance in the range of program domains.
  30. Learning Outcomes: Students will demonstrate knowledge and field activities demonstrating proficiency in the seven domains of the prgram: visionary and strategic leadership; leadership for student performance; organizational and resource management;collaborative leadership; ethical leadership and social justice; legal, policy, and socio-cultural contexts of leadership; and technology.
  31. Major Topics: Visionary & Strategic Leadership

    Leadership for Student Performance

    Organizational & Resource Management


    Ethical Leadership & Social Justice

    Legal, ,

    Political & Socio-cultural Contexts of Leadership


  32. Textbooks: At the discretion of instructor.
  33. Course Readings, Online Resources, and Other Purchases:
  34. Student Expectations/Requirements and Grading Policy: The practicum is graded as S (satisfactory completion of practicum activities and products) or U (unsatisfactory completion of practicum activities and products).
  35. Assignments, Exams and Tests: Both the student and the administrator/mentor will complete the Practicum Final Evaluation, discuss them together, and place them at the end of the practicum notebook.
  36. Attendance Policy:
  37. Policy on Make-up Work:
  38. Program This Course Supports: Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
  39. Course Concurrence Information:

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