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Current Status: Approved, Permanent Archive - 2005-05-27
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  1. Date & Time Submitted: 2004-12-02
  2. Department: Geography
  3. College: AS
  4. Budget Account Number: 122700
  5. Contact Person: Paul Zandbergen
  6. Phone: 4883
  7. Email:
  8. Prefix: GEO
  9. Number: 6187
  10. Full Title: Spatial Database Development
  11. Credit Hours: 3
  12. Section Type: C - Class Lecture (Primarily)
  13. Is the course title variable?: N
  14. Is a permit required for registration?: N
  15. Are the credit hours variable?: N
  16. Is this course repeatable?:
  17. If repeatable, how many times?: 0
  18. Abbreviated Title (30 characters maximum): Spatial Database Development
  19. Course Online?: -
  20. Percentage Online:
  21. Grading Option: R - Regular
  22. Prerequisites: GEO 6157 Advanced GIS or permission from the instructor
  23. Corequisites:
  24. Course Description: Development and management of spatial data for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS), including creating, editing, modifying and validating spatial data.

  25. Please briefly explain why it is necessary and/or desirable to add this course: Increased demand for GIS specialists has resulted in steady growth of the GIS certificate program. This course will be added to electives of the GIS certificate program to meet the changing needs of the market place for GIS professionals with knowledge of
  26. What is the need or demand for this course? (Indicate if this course is part of a required sequence in the major.) What other programs would this course service? Surveys of GIS graduate certificate students have indicated a strong interest in a course on spatial databases. Two offerings of this course as a selected topics course in Spring 2004 and 2005 filled up almost immediately after registration opened, and we had to maintain a waiting list in case spots were to open up. The course will be an elective for students in the GIS graduate certificate program as well as for Geography Ph.D. and MA students.
  27. Has this course been offered as Selected Topics/Experimental Topics course? If yes, how many times? Yes, in Spring 2004 and Spring 2005 with enrollment of 15.
  28. What qualifications for training and/or experience are necessary to teach this course? (List minimum qualifications for the instructor.) Ph.D. in Geography or related discipline, and recent experience in spatial database technologies.
  29. Objectives: 1) To obtain a solid understanding of the technical and organizational aspects of the development and management of spatial databases for use in GIS; 2) To develop strong hands-on skills in creating, editing, modifying and validating of geodatabases in ArcGIS; and 3) To practice spatial database development skills by completing an individual project.
  30. Learning Outcomes: 1) Solid knowledge of spatial databases; 2)Hands-on skills in working with spatial databases; and 3) In-depth knowledge of a specialized spatial database for a selected application.
  31. Major Topics: Spatial database fundamentals, geodabatase concepts, spatial data editing, geodatabase topology, importing and converting spatial data, networks and linear referencing, data models, database design.
  32. Textbooks: 1. Michael Zeiler. 1999. Modeling Our World: The ESRI Guide to Geodatabase Design. ESRI Press. ISBN 1-879102-62-5.

    2, ESRI. 2004. Building a Geodatabase. ESRI Press.

  33. Course Readings, Online Resources, and Other Purchases:
  34. Student Expectations/Requirements and Grading Policy:
  35. Assignments, Exams and Tests:
  36. Attendance Policy:
  37. Policy on Make-up Work:
  38. Program This Course Supports:
  39. Course Concurrence Information:

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