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  1. Date & Time Submitted: 2005-02-06
  2. Department: Environmental Science and Policy
  3. College: AS
  4. Budget Account Number: 122400000
  5. Contact Person: L. Donald Duke
  6. Phone: 48087
  7. Email:
  8. Prefix: EVR
  9. Number: 6921
  10. Full Title: Scholarly Presentation of Environmental Research
  11. Credit Hours: 1-2
  12. Section Type: D - Discussion (Primarily)
  13. Is the course title variable?: N
  14. Is a permit required for registration?: N
  15. Are the credit hours variable?: Y
  16. Is this course repeatable?:
  17. If repeatable, how many times?: 0
  18. Abbreviated Title (30 characters maximum): Thesis Res Meth Env Sci - Pol
  19. Course Online?: -
  20. Percentage Online:
  21. Grading Option: S - S/U Only
  22. Prerequisites: Advanced standing in ESP Department Masters program
  23. Corequisites: Thesis Reserch (EVR 6971), or consent of instructor
  24. Course Description: Discussion and practice in methods of writing, presenting, and defending cross-disciplinary environmental research. Written and oral assignments on communicating research objectives, methods, results, theory, and analysis of policy relevance.

  25. Please briefly explain why it is necessary and/or desirable to add this course: Improvements to the curriculum of the Master of Science degree program in Environmental Science and Policy are emphasizing the effective communication of research. This discussion course supports the efforts of multiple Department faculty who supervise gr
  26. What is the need or demand for this course? (Indicate if this course is part of a required sequence in the major.) What other programs would this course service? Expected to be completed by all students in the Department's M.S. degree program, concurrent with supervised research under of their individual Major Professors. Proposed as a core requirement for the M.S. degree curriculum.
  27. Has this course been offered as Selected Topics/Experimental Topics course? If yes, how many times? Yes: Two times, Fall 2004 and Spring 2005, as EVR 6908 (Independent Study).
  28. What qualifications for training and/or experience are necessary to teach this course? (List minimum qualifications for the instructor.) Instructor holds a Ph.D. or equivalent, and is a member of the ESP Department core faculty or other affiliated faculty member with strong understanding of the interdisciplinary research conducted by the Department and of the rigorous application of policy analysis in the context of scientific research on environmental science.
  29. Objectives: To undestand the language and approach of scientific and policy research; to understand the components of a written thesis; to understand major considerations (content, organization, rules, style, level of detail, etc.) related to writing formal, academic research reports in the sciences and in the field of policy analysis; to master methods of oral communication and visual presentation of information for conveying scholarly research to an academic audience; to understand the objectives of, and practice preparation for, the ESP Department's Oral Comprehensive Exam and Defense of Thesis requirements for the M.S. degree.
  30. Learning Outcomes: Instructor and peer evaluation of written descriptions of the studentís research; drafts of thesis sections; and formal oral research presentations.
  31. Major Topics: Components of an academic thesis/dissertation; Effective writing for scholarly communication; Preparing scholarly research objectives; Preparing an academic literature review; Effective oral presentation of research results in the fields of environmental science and policy; Effective visual presentation of quantitative information.
  32. Textbooks: Booth, Wayne C., Joseph M. Williams, Gregory C. Colomb, 2003. The Craft of Research, 2nd Edition. Chicago, University of Chicago Press.

    Strunk, William and E.B. White, 2000. The Elements of Style, 4th Edition. Boston, Allyn and Bacon.

    Tufte, Edward R., 1990. Envisioning Information. Cheshire CT, Graphics Press.

  33. Course Readings, Online Resources, and Other Purchases:
  34. Student Expectations/Requirements and Grading Policy:
  35. Assignments, Exams and Tests:
  36. Attendance Policy:
  37. Policy on Make-up Work:
  38. Program This Course Supports:
  39. Course Concurrence Information:

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