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Current Status: Approved, Permanent Archive - 2006-05-05
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Detail Information

  1. Date & Time Submitted: 2005-11-04
  2. Department: Medical Ethics and Humanities (Internal Medicine)
  3. College: MD
  4. Budget Account Number: 610605
  5. Contact Person: Lois LaCivita Nixon
  6. Phone: 9745300
  7. Email:
  8. Prefix: GMS
  9. Number: 6902
  10. Full Title: Bioethics and Medical Humanities Independent Study
  11. Credit Hours: 3
  12. Section Type: Z - Directed Individual Study
  13. Is the course title variable?: N
  14. Is a permit required for registration?: Y
  15. Are the credit hours variable?: N
  16. Is this course repeatable?:
  17. If repeatable, how many times?: 0
  18. Abbreviated Title (30 characters maximum): Med Ethics/Hum Independ Study
  19. Course Online?: -
  20. Percentage Online:
  21. Grading Option: R - Regular
  22. Prerequisites: Approval from program director/advisor
  23. Corequisites: None
  24. Course Description: Develop with faculty advisor an individual project with the goal of in-depth study in the focus area.

  25. Please briefly explain why it is necessary and/or desirable to add this course: Independent Study allows the students to explore subject matter which cannot be undertaken within available formal courses.
  26. What is the need or demand for this course? (Indicate if this course is part of a required sequence in the major.) What other programs would this course service? This course is required for the MABMH degree.
  27. Has this course been offered as Selected Topics/Experimental Topics course? If yes, how many times? Yes, 5
  28. What qualifications for training and/or experience are necessary to teach this course? (List minimum qualifications for the instructor.) PhD in Humanities discipline or faculty standing in COM, CON, or COPH.
  29. Objectives: This course allows the student to select a narrow topic for close study and analysis. Analysis of a film as an example, invites students to consider artistic, ethical, philosophical, and social situations in contemporary society. Students are encouraged to identify projects that stretch beyond the ordinary and are required to present their research at a student colloquium session. Specifically students will achieve the following:

    Identify a particular area of focus for study relating to ethical dilemmas or approaches taken by another humanities discipline (history, literature, film, etc.)

    Organize and write cogently about the identified contemporary social, cultural, and moral issue

    Express to classmates and faculty informed judgments about the identified issue with critical skills and clarity.

  30. Learning Outcomes: Students select an area for consideration by their supervisor. When approved, students complete the form or “contract,” and work according to the contract guidelines. In essence, students raise a particular question, gather data, compile a bibliography, begin to study the issue, and develop a paper for eventual submission and review.
  31. Major Topics: Course "topics" will depend upon the internship site chosen by the student in consultation with the student's advisor.
  32. Textbooks: Textbooks would vary by individual student studies.
  33. Course Readings, Online Resources, and Other Purchases:
  34. Student Expectations/Requirements and Grading Policy:
  35. Assignments, Exams and Tests:
  36. Attendance Policy:
  37. Policy on Make-up Work:
  38. Program This Course Supports:
  39. Course Concurrence Information:

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