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Current Status: Approved, Permanent Archive - 2007-06-28
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  1. Date & Time Submitted: 2007-04-04
  2. Department: Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  3. College: PH
  4. Budget Account Number: 6403000
  5. Contact Person: Dr. Heather Stockwell
  6. Phone: 9744804
  7. Email:
  8. Prefix: PHC
  9. Number: 6030
  10. Full Title: Epidemiology Methods III
  11. Credit Hours: 3
  12. Section Type: C - Class Lecture (Primarily)
  13. Is the course title variable?: N
  14. Is a permit required for registration?: Y
  15. Are the credit hours variable?: N
  16. Is this course repeatable?:
  17. If repeatable, how many times?: 0
  18. Abbreviated Title (30 characters maximum): Epi. Methods III
  19. Course Online?: -
  20. Percentage Online:
  21. Grading Option: R - Regular
  22. Prerequisites: PHC 6000 (Epidemiology), PHC 6010 (Epi Methods I), PHC 6011 (Epi Methods II), PHC 6051 (Biostatistics II)
  23. Corequisites: None
  24. Course Description: This course will increase the scope, expand upon and detail material presented in Epidemiology Methods I and Epidemiology Methods II. This course will focus on in-depth design of cohort, case-control and cross sectional epidemiologic studies.

  25. Please briefly explain why it is necessary and/or desirable to add this course: This course is needed to continue the sequence of accepted changes made recently to the MPH Epidemiology program. This course will follow the two MPH level Epidemiology Methods courses and will enhance student's research skills necessary for conducting e
  26. What is the need or demand for this course? (Indicate if this course is part of a required sequence in the major.) What other programs would this course service? This is the third course in a sequence of Epidemiology Methods courses and will be a requirement of all students in the MSPH program in Epidemiology. This course may also be used as an elective in the MPH Epidemiology program.
  27. Has this course been offered as Selected Topics/Experimental Topics course? If yes, how many times? No
  28. What qualifications for training and/or experience are necessary to teach this course? (List minimum qualifications for the instructor.) Doctorate in Epidemiology
  29. Objectives: This course will provide students in-depth knowlege and understanding of:

    1. prospective and retrospective cohort study designs.

    2. exposure assessment, and outcome assessment in cohort studies.

    3. longitudinal follow-up and the assessment of bias in cohort studies.

    4. case-control and cross-sectional studies designs and associated methodological issues.

    5. case and control selection exposure and outcome measurement in case-control studies.

    6. strengths and limitations of case-control and cross-sectional studies.

  30. Learning Outcomes: After successfully completing this course students will be able to:

    1. Develop a detailed design for cohort, case-control and cross-sectional study using a similar research question.

    2. Elucidate the strengths and weakness of each of the 3 study designs examined in this course compared to a clinical trial.

    3. Communicate in-depth understanding of methodologic issues in the design and conduct of observational studies specifically cohort, case-control and cross-sectional studies.

    4. explain in detail the newer observational study methodologies including case-cohort, nested case-control and case crossover designs.

  31. Major Topics: Ethical issues in observational epidemiologic research; framing a research question; comprehensive and detailed design of cross-sectional, case-control, and cohort epidemiologic studies; comparing observational studies with randomized clinical trials.
  32. Textbooks: "Modern Epidemiology" Second Edition by Kenneth J. Rothman and Sander Greenland; Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; ISBN 0316757802.

    A course packet containg required reading for the course: available for purchase through ProCopy located at 5219 East Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33617.

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  34. Student Expectations/Requirements and Grading Policy:
  35. Assignments, Exams and Tests:
  36. Attendance Policy:
  37. Policy on Make-up Work:
  38. Program This Course Supports:
  39. Course Concurrence Information:

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