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Course submissions: 163 have been recently submitted for review, 688 have been approved by the USF System Institution Graduate Faculty or Faculty Committee.
Tampa Graduate Council - St. Petersburg Graduate Council - Sarasota/Manatee Programs Committee

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Recently Submitted for Review - 163
Course Institution Title
ACG 5001 (643 days old)St PetersburgMBA Essentials:Accounting
ACG 5004 (582 days old)St PetersburgMBA Essentials: Financial Accounting
ACG 5005 (582 days old)St PetersburgMBA Essentials: Managerial Accounting
ACG 6449 (428 days old)St PetersburgFraud and Financial Reporting
ADV 5000 (1115 days old)TampaReturn on Advertising Investment
ANG 6030 (477 days old)TampaEngaging Ethnography
ARC 5930TampaSpecial Studies in Architecture Workshop
ARC 5933TampaSpecial Studies in Digital Architecture
ARC 6367TampaAdvanced Design D
ARC 6936TampaResearch Methods in Architecture
ARC 6971TampaMaster's Project I
ARC 6976TampaMaster's Project II
ATR 6116TampaPreventing Sudden Death in Youth Sports Settings
ATR 6235TampaMotor Development and Skill Acquisition
BCH 6943 (1028 days old)TampaBioinformatics Internship II
BME 5910 (792 days old)TampaDirected Research in Bioengineering
CES 6010TampaStructural Life Prediction
CGN 6715TampaMentoring Novice Researchers
CHM 6271 (398 days old)TampaChemistry of High Polymers
CHM 6755TampaMethods of Instruction in Higher Ed Chemistry
CHM 6756TampaClassroom Assessment Practices in Chemistry
CIS 6370 (485 days old)TampaComputer System and Data Security
CJE 6623 (624 days old)TampaDigital Evidence Recognition and Collection
ECO 5004 (581 days old)St PetersburgMBA Essentials: Microeconomics
ECO 5005 (581 days old)St PetersburgMBA Essentials: Macroeconomics
EDA 7206TampaAppreciative Inquiry and Organizing in Public Education
EDA 7215TampaEducational Politics and the Engagement of Communities
EDE 6301TampaInstructional Planning for Maximizing Elementary Student Learn
EDE 6346TampaTeaching and Learning with Technology in Elementary Classrooms
EDE 6461TampaAssessment for Elementary Student Learning
EDE 6631TampaCulturally Responsive Pedagogy for Elementary Student Learning
EDF 6120 (778 days old)St PetersburgChild Development
EDF 6517 (560 days old)TampaHistorical Foundations of American Education
EDG 6228 (532 days old)St PetersburgDocumentation and Assessment of Curriculum and Instruction
EDG 6543 (617 days old)St PetersburgCurrent Trends in Math/Science Assessment
EEE 6464 (464 days old)TampaMicroelectromechanical Systems II
EEL 5139 (430 days old)TampaWireless Circuits/Systems Lab
EEL 6228 (434 days old)TampaMEMS I/Chem Bio Sensors
EEL 6229 (436 days old)TampaMEMS II
EEL 6262TampaIndustrial Power Distribution
EEL 6263TampaIndustrial Power Distribution II
EEL 6268TampaPower Quality
EEL 6289 (436 days old)TampaSustainable Energy
EEL 6430 (430 days old)TampaMMIC Design
EEL 6630 (430 days old)TampaDigital Control Theory
EEL 6808TampaData Networks, Systems, & Security
EEL 6822TampaBiomedical Systems and Pattern Recognition
EME 6615 (567 days old)TampaInstructional Game Design for eBooks
ENT 6706TampaGlobal Entrepreneurship
ENV 6337TampaEnvironmental Site Assessment
ENV 6518TampaEnvironmental Field Sampling
ENV 6519 (280 days old)TampaAdvanced Physical and Chemical Processes
ENV 6617TampaGreen Engineering for Sustainability
ENV 6935TampaEnvironmental & Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) Seminar
ESE 7426 (951 days old)TampaAction research in schools
EVR 5824St PetersburgEnvironmental Impact Statements
EVR 6320 (1177 days old)TampaEnvironmental Management
EVR 7320 (1178 days old)TampaSeminar in Environment, Policy, and Sustainability
EVR 7930 (1177 days old)TampaDoc. Colloquium in Environment, Sustainability & Planning
EVS 6920TampaEnvironmental Research Interdisciplinary Colloquium
FIN 5001 (642 days old)St PetersburgMBA Essentials: Finance
FLE 6639TampaSecond Language Reading and Literacy
FLE 7700TampaApplications of Technology in Second Language Acquisition
GEB 6366St PetersburgGlobalization and Company Growth
GEB 6930 (820 days old)TampaSelected Topics
GLY 6311TampaProperties of Earth Materials
GMS 6059 (497 days old)TampaNutritional Integrative Cancer Therapies
GMS 6068 (489 days old)TampaCancer Biology
GMS 6410 (668 days old)TampaCardiovascular Regulation
GMS 6541 (1595 days old)TampaNeuropsychopharmacology for Health Professionals I
GMS 6542 (1595 days old)TampaNeuropsychopharmacology for Health Professionals II
GMS 6XXX (1591 days old)TampaBrain Imaging in Psychiatry and Neurosciences
GMS 6XXX (1591 days old)TampaChildhood Mental Health
GMS 6XXX (1591 days old)TampaClinical Assessment in the Behavioral Sciences
GMS 6XXX (1591 days old)TampaPsychiatric Pharmacogenomics
GMS 6XXX (1591 days old)TampaThe Neuroendocrine System, Gender and Mental Health
GMS 6XXX (1591 days old)TampaThe Neuropsychiatry of HIV Infection
GMS XXXX (1359 days old)TampaNanotechnology and Risk Management
LAE 6315TampaComposing Texts: Disciplinary Practices for Writers & Writing
LIN 6690TampaCorpus Linguistics
LIN 7630TampaResearch and Writing in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7631TampaAdvanced Seminar in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7635TampaProfessional Development
LIN 7638TampaQualitative Research Methods for Applied Linguistics
LIN 7639TampaQuantitative Methods in Applied Linguistics
LIN 7885TampaDiscourse Analysis
LIS 5631TampaHealth Information Sources
MAR XXXXTampaCreativity and Innovation
MHS 6710 (806 days old)TampaBehavior Analysis and Developmental Disabilities
MHS 6780 (805 days old)TampaEthics in Applied Behavior Analysis
MHS 6796 (806 days old)TampaSingle Case Experimental Design In Applied Behavior Analysis
MMC 6445TampaQuantitative Research Methods in Mass Communications
MMC 6446TampaQualitative Research Methods in Mass Communications
MMC 6xxx (962 days old)St PetersburgBusiness of Journalism
MUE 6xxxTampaInformal Learning in Music Education I
MUE 6xxxTampaInformal Learning in Music Education II
MUE 6xxxTampaLiterature Review in Music Education
MUE 6xxxTampaResearch Data Collection in Music Education
MUE 6xxxTampaResearch Design and Methods in Music Education
MUE 6xxxTampaResearch Report Writing in Music Education
MUH 6020TampaThe History of Blues and Rock
NGR 5000 (369 days old)TampaAdvanced Concepts of Women's Health
OCE 6001TampaProfessional Development I
PAD 5717TampaGIS Applications for Urban Management
PHA 6118 (415 days old)TampaNanomaterials, BioMEMS and Nanodevices in Medicine
PHA 6350TampaTeaching in Pharmacy & Practicum
PHA 6523TampaPharmaceutical Informatics
PHA 6533TampaGraduate Program Seminar in Pharmacy
PHA 6788 (462 days old)TampaIntroduction to Personalized Pharmacy
PHA 7001TampaGraduate Program Internship in Pharmacy
PHC 6080TampaPopulation Assessment: Part 1
PHC 6081TampaPopulation Assessment: Part 2
PHC 6092TampaApplications of Advanced Biostatistical Methods
PHC 6140TampaTranslation to Public Health Practice
PHC 6160TampaHealth Care Financial Management
PHC 6161 (470 days old)TampaHealth Care Finance and Costing
PHC 6180TampaHealth Services Management
PHC 6181TampaOrganizational Behavior in Health Sciences
phc 6234public health implications and concerns in homeland security
phc 6235TampaCritical infrastructure protection for public health concepts
phc 6236TampaBusiness Continuity for Global Health and Security
phc 6237TampaHomeland security: law, policy and public health
PHC 6240TampaCultural Competency in Children's Mental Health
PHC 6303TampaCommunity Air Pollution
PHC 6358CTampaPhysical Agents Assessment and Control
PHC 6367TampaControl Aspects of Industrial Hygiene
PHC 6435TampaComparative Health Insurance Systems
PHC 6570TampaHuman Genomics in Medicine and Public Health
PHC 6600TampaHistory & Systems of Public Health
PHC 6708TampaEvaluation Methods in Community Health
PHC 6767TampaPublic Health Geographic Information Systems
PHC 6946TampaService Learning in Adolescent Behavioral Health 1
PHC 6947TampaService Learning in Adolescent Behavioral Health II
PHC 6948TampaService Learning in Adolescent Behavioral Health III
PHC 7038 (812 days old)TampaEpidemiology of Alzheimer's Disease
PHY 6536TampaStatistical Mechanics
PHY 6753TampaMeasurement and Instrumentation
PHZ 5115TampaMethods of Theoretical Physics I
PHZ 5116TampaMethods of Theoretical Physics II
PHZ 5156TampaComputational Physics I
PHZ 5405TampaSolid State Physics I
PHZ 6204TampaAtomic/Molecular Spectra
PHZ 6436TampaApplied Materials Physics
POS 6050Teaching Political Science
RED 6061TampaAdolescent Literacy: In and Out of School Literacy Practices
RED 6247TampaSupervision and Coaching in Literacy
RED 6449TampaLiteracy and Technology
RED 6540Assessment in Developing Literacies
RED 6545TampaLearning Disciplinary Literacy through Vocabulary, Word Study
RED 6749History and Foundations in Reading and STEM Disciplines
RED 6846Practicum in Reading
RED 7315TampaSurvey of Literacy Research Methods
RLG 6035Theory and Methods in Religious Studies
SDS 6030TampaAdvising and Helping Skills in Student Affairs
SDS 6042Introducation to College Student Affairs
SDS 6624Ecology of Campus Life
SDS 6701Issues in Diversity
SDS 6990TampaTrends and Issues in Higher Education and Student Affairs
SPA 6503TampaEntry Level Practicum
SPW 5597TampaLatin American Culture in Fantastic Literature and Film
SYA 7940 (575 days old)TampaIntroduction to Social Network Analysis

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