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Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Health Insurance & Employee Benefits

The benefits outlined below are available to all postdoctoral scholars paid through the USF Payroll department. These benefits are subject to repeal or modification at the sole discretion of the University with or without notice. Employees funded solely from contracts or grants shall receive benefits equivalent to similar employees on state funding, provided that such benefits are permitted by the terms of the contract or grant, the rules of the funding agency and adequate funds are available for this purpose in the contract or grant. All premium rates listed in this Guide are subject to change and are dependent upon contractual rates with vendors.

Direct Deposit

All employees at USF are required to participate in the Direct Deposit Program within 30 days of hire. Employees may have their paycheck deposited directly into the financial institution account of their choice. Paydays are every other Friday.

Emergency Closing Pay

Postdoctoral scholars are eligible to receive their regular biweekly pay in the event of an emergency closing of the university.

Employee Assistance Program

The University of South Florida is pleased to announce a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers a more comprehensive suite of services to help you live a better, healthier life. The new program will be offered through Magellan Health Services and will include services such as qualified child and elder care referrals, adoption information and resources, legal consultation, financial services consultation, family and relationship issues, work/life balance, stress management, health and wellness, grief and loss, depression and anxiety, alcohol or drug concerns, and dealing with conflict or violence. These services are free of charge to all postdoctoral scholars and their spouses, domestic partners, dependents and others in their household. Contact the Employee Assistance Program office at 813-974-5469 or view the EAP flyer by clicking here.

Employee Perks

A variety of local companies and services offer discounts to USF employees with a USF ID card, including area theme parks, cell phone providers, restaurants and much more.

Health Care Benefits

Effective July 1, 2009, postdoctoral scholars and their eligible family members became eligible to participate in the USF health insurance program. The employee must enroll within 60 days of beginning employment at USF, and a portion of the premiums is paid by USF. For more information, including how to enroll in benefits, contact a USF Benefits Representative.


Medical insurance is underwritten by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, serviced by Gallagher Koster, and is based on policy 2011-363-2. USF contributes 80% of the premium for the postdoctoral scholar and 50% of the premiums for the spouse and dependent children. For questions regarding medical insurance coverage, how the plan works, how to file a claim, etc., contact Gallagher Koster at 877-539-3492 or To review the 2011/12 USF Postdoctoral Scholars Health Insurance Plan brochure, click here.

Premiums are based on an employee's percentage of full-time employment (FTE). A change in FTE will result in a change to employee's premium amount. Employee contributions are paid via payroll deduction. The 2011/2012 premiums are as follows:

Coverage Monthly
Employee Only $182.00 $36.14 $145.60
Spouse* $413.00 $206.50 $206.50
One Child* $301.00 $150.50 $150.50
Children* $363.00 $181.50 $181.50
*This premium does not include cost for Postdoc Only coverage. To calculate the full monthly premium add the contribution amount for Postdoc Only coverage.


Vision discounts are available through the UnitedHealth Allies Discount Card as a part of the medical insurance offered through UnitedHealthcare at no cost to the employee. Click here for more information. (The discount card will be issued after enrollment into the medical insurance).


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida provides dental coverage. USF contributes 100% of the premium for the employee. The employee may purchase coverage for family members at full price. For questions regarding dental coverage, contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Member Services at 1-800-664-5295.

Premiums are based on an employee's percentage of full-time employment (FTE). A decrease in FTE will result in an increase in an employee's premium amount. Employee contributions are paid via payroll deduction.

Coverage Bi-Weekly
Employee only $8.54 $0.00 $8.54
Employee + Spouse $18.59 $10.05 $8.54
Employee + Children $18.13 $9.59 $8.54
Family $29.17 $20.63 $8.54


Postdoctoral scholars (salaried temporary employees) working their regularly required work schedule are paid for holidays. University offices are closed on the official university holidays.

Leave — Paid Time Off

Effective July 1, 2009, postdoctoral scholars receive ten (10) days of paid time off (PTO) per calendar year. PTO may be used for vacation, sick or personal time off at the discretion of the employee with supervisor approval. PTO may be used in four (4) and eight (8) hour increments only. PTO is not carried over from year to year. Any unused PTO at the end of the calendar year is forfeited. Unused PTO time will not be paid out at the time of separation from employment.

Below is a chart that indicates the number of PTO days that you will be eligible for in your first year of employment with the university (dependent upon the month you begin your employment). Every year thereafter, your PTO bank will automatically be credited with ten (10) days in January to be used during that calendar year. Postdoctoral scholars appointed at .50 to .99 FTE would receive a prorated allocation. Postdoctoral scholars appointed at less than .50 FTE do not receive PTO.

Days of PTO
Start in: 1.00 FTE .50 to .99 FTE
January 10 5
February 9 4.5
March 8.5 4.25
April 8 4
May 7 3.5
June 6 3
July 5 2.5
August 4 2
September 3 1.5
October 2 1
November 1 0.5
December 0 0
Paid Time Off is requested via GEMS Self Service. Visit the USF HR website to request leave.

Life Insurance

Effective July 1, 2009 postdoctoral scholars and their eligible family members became eligible to participate in the life insurance program by paying the full premium (based on amount of coverage and/or the age of insured).

Universal Life Extra Insurance is a flexible premium life insurance policy that is guaranteed to stay in force throughout the life of the primary insured. As long as the premium is paid consistently on time, the policy will not lapse and premiums will never increase. There is no maturity date, so even though premiums end at age 100, protection continues. Coverage allows for the adjustment of the death benefit as needs change. The plan is portable upon leaving USF with no increase in rates. The plan features Guaranteed Issue Coverage for eligible employees up to four times salary, to a maximum of $250,000 and for eligible spouses up to $25,000. Employees may enroll within 60 days of beginning employment at USF. To enroll, contact the Gabor Agency.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Effective July 1, 2009 postdoctoral scholars and their eligible family members became eligible to participate in the long-term disability insurance program by paying the full premium. Gabor's disability insurance policy provides an inexpensive way to protect your income, your family, and yourself from loss due to an unexpected illness or injury.

Detailed information about the insurance may be found in the policy brochure or available on Gabor's website

Saving For Your Future

For more information, contact Human Resources Tampa campus (including USF Health): 813-974-2970 or USF St. Petersburg: 727-553-4105.

Social Security

Postdoctoral scholars do not participate in Social Security. Instead they are enrolled in the Temporary Employee Retirement Plan (TERP). See information on TERP below. For questions relating to employment and/or immigration status, please contact International Services.

Temporary Employee Retirement Plan (TERP)

Postdoctoral scholars participate in USF's qualified retirement plan for temporary employees not covered by the State Retirement System. Instead of paying 6.2% Social Security taxes post-tax, postdoctoral scholars contribute 7.5% of their pretax wages into an investment account in their name. Employees are immediately vested and all investments are controlled by the participant and are completely portable when they leave the university.

Unemployment Compensation

All employees are covered by the Florida Unemployment Compensation Law. Unemployment insurance provides income on a temporary basis to workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and who are available and able to work.

USF Club

The USF Club was established to encourage and promote social contact, good fellowship and the exchange of ideas. Annual Membership is $75.00. Membership is available to all employees, alumni association members, and retirees.

Workers' Compensation

Employees who are injured or become ill due to work-related circumstances are entitled to certain benefits including treatment for the injury or illness at USF's expense. Under Workers' Compensation Insurance, employees are entitled to five benefits:

  1. Medical Treatment
  2. Light Duty
  3. Disability Leave
  4. Impairment Benefits
  5. Attendant Care