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Health Insurance

One benefit of being a Graduate Assistant (Class Code 9181, 9182, 9183, 9184, 9185 or 9550) is eligibility to receive a subsidy from the university to help offset part of the cost of individual health insurance and make it more affordable for GAs who participates in the USF Student Health Insurance Plan. The university's contribution is paid directly to the insurance company. The GA is responsible for paying the balance of the premium if any. GAs must enroll in the Plan during the Open Enrollment period to be eligible and insurable for the semester(s) of employment, and must maintain eligibility throughout the semester(s). In 2016, the university agreed to continue to pay health insurance premiums at the rate currently being charged. Future coverage will be structured as the current rate, with any increases beyond that being capped at cost-of-living +1%. If increases exceed the caps, graduate students will pay the difference, which is expected to be relatively minimal. If there is no increase, students will continue to pay nothing.

Graduate Assistants may enroll online (follow the prompts) during Open Enrollment at the start of the Fall and Spring semesters.

The Employee Benefits site contains additional information about enrollment, eligibility, the university's subsidy, payroll deduction and more. For questions regarding the GA subsidy call Human Resources at (813) 974-2970.

The Student Health Insurance Office is located in the SHS Annex, next to the Student Health Services Building, and administers the student health insurance program. For questions about the content of the Plan (coverage, referrals, filing claims, etc.), visit the website or call (813) 974-5407 or email

Click here to read letter to the Graduate Community regarding the GA Health Insurance and Subsidy Program.

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Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Subsidy