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USF Graduate Council Policy and Fellowship Committee

Next Meeting: 9:00 am - 11:00 am, April 3, 2017, location ALN296

Agenda revised 3/31/17

USF Regulation 3.038 - Draft - link for posting comments (due by April 4) -

Research Info:   3 year admission Iowa/Az, UIC Program hours, Credit Transfer

UGA UCI Research,   Engineering, Admissions -SUNY Buffalo

Research Assignments:

AAU Institutions:
Rutgers University Pat Wheeler
SUNY Univ of Buffalo Lynn Wecker
SUNY Stony Brook Rasim Guldiken
Univ of Cal, Irvine Donna Cohen
University of Florida Steve Permuth

Peer Institutions:

University of Central Florida - Lindsey Shaw
NC State University Greg Churchill
Florida State University Ingrid Bahner
University of Cincinnati - TBA
University of Pittsburgh

General Information:

Policy Research (data/reference)