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USF Graduate Council Curriculum Committee

Next Meeting: April 3, 2017, 1-3:00 p.m., location ALN296


Pre-proposal for New Degree Program
ED -   Learning Design and Technology (MS) - Tabled for March 20 Full meeting; needs revisions; concurrence

Accelerated Programs

Dual Degree Programs

BA - Business Administration: Sport Business Concentration (MBA) / Sport and Entertainment Management (MS) - Catalog (revised 3/23/17) - Excel - Change language; update to match degree listings; add shared course information - ON HOLD pending SACSCOC confirmation

Curriculum Changes to Existing Majors 
BA - Sport and Entertainment Management (M.S.) - Catalog - Change Admissions, remove sequence
PH - Public Health (MPH) - Catalog - add Occupational Medicine Residency Concentration (POM) - tabled 3/6/17 
BA - Accountancy (M.Acc.) - catalog (3/3/17) - change admissions requirements - tabled 3/6/17
AS - Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies (M.A.) - Catalog (rev 3/13/17) - change admissions, curriculum
ED - College-wide change - remove course-by-course evaluation of transcript language (already in Univ Policy and moving away from College requirement)
AS - Applied Anthropology (M.A.) - Catalog (rev 3-2-17) - Change curriculum; add pathways; update courses - ON HOLD pending confirmation of non-existent courses
BC - Aging Studies Ph.D. - Change Admission Deadline

New Graduate Certificates

Changes to Graduate Certificates
BA - Compliance, Risk, and Anti-Money Laundering - Change pre-reqs
PH - Epidemiology - deactivate
PH - Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases - change course
PH - Concepts and Tools of Epidemiology - Change courses
BA - SAS Approved Certificate in Analytics and Business Intelligence - add two course options

Course Review  - List of Courses for review (See list in the agenda)

Discussion of Course Review Enhancement Plan - Examples for discussion


For review for a Future Meeting - In review or Pending revision/correction

The following are in the queue in the process of review for State and SACSCOC compliance.  They are listed in the order received and will be presented to Council for review once cleared as ready  This is a dynamic list and will be updated as possible.

Rec'd College Program Degree Conc Faculty Initiator Action Comments Status
1 11/7/2016 PH Dual Degree Public Health/ Medicine MPH / MD     New Dual Degree 60 hours shared (42 MPH; 18 MD) Pending SACS clearance
2 11/16/2016 AS French M.A.          
3 11/16/2016 AS Government Ph.D.          
4 11/16/2016 AS Political Science M.A. Bernd Reiter
5 11/16/2016 ED Autism Spectrum Disorder M.A.          
6 11/21/2016 ED C&I: Comparatie and International Ed M.Ed.     New Concentration in Comparative and International Education    
7 11/22/2016 PH Public Health DrPH   Kay Perrin Retraction of changes submitted 11/2/16    
8 11/22/2016 TA Art M.F.A.     Chagne requirements    
9 11/28/2016 PH/AS Dual Degree:  Public Health / Social Work M.P.H. / M.S.W.   Kay Perrin Alicia Mendoza Refined credits shared for compliance to policy    
10 11/30/2016 PH Public Health DrPh   Kate Wolfe-Quintero Update Field Studies    
11 11/30/2016 PH Public Health DrPH   Kay Perrin Replacement changes    
12 12/2/2016 PH Public Health M.P.H.   Kay Perrin Update previously submitted Comp exam language    
13 12/7/2016 TA Fine Arts M.F.A.   Wendy Babocox Change course requirements    
14 12/8/2016 BA Business Administration M.B.A.   Andrew Artis Second submission    
15 12/8/2016 BA Finance M.S.   Jianping Qi Additional changes - change admission requirements    
16 12/8/2016 BA Management M.S.   Triparna de Vreede Change admissions, degree requirements     
17 12/19/2016 PH Public Health MPH, MSPH   Kay Perrin Change requirements remove track    
18 12/20/2016 BA Marketing M.S.   Paul Solomon Change Admission requirements    
19 1/5/2017 AS Dual Degree: Linguistics: ESL / French M.A. / M.A.   Amy Thompson David Arbesu New Dual Degree Program    
20 1/5/2017 AS Dual Degree: Linguistics: ESL / Spanish M.A. / M.A.   Amy Thompson David Arbesu New Dual Degree Program    
21 1/13/2017 AS Government Ph.D.   Steve Tauber Change Deadlines    
22 1/17/2017 BA Business Administration M.B.A.   Kaushal Chari New Submission     
23 1/17/2017 EN Civil Engineering M.C.E.   Sarina Ergas Change requirements    
24 1/17/2017 EN Civil Engineering M.S.C.E.   Sarina Ergas Change requirements    
25 1/17/2017 EN Civil Engineering Ph.D.   Sarina Ergas Change requirements    
26 1/17/2017 EN Environmental Engineering M.E.V.E.   Sarina Ergas Change requirements    
27 1/17/2017 EN Environmental Engineering M.S.E.V.   Sarina Ergas Change requirements    
28 1/17/2017 EN Environmental Engineering Ph.D.   Sarina Ergas Change requirements    
29 1/18/2017 PH Public Health PhD   Kay Perrin Core Change    
30 1/19/2017 MD Athletic Training M.S.   Steven Zinder      
31 1/20/2017 EN Computer Science & Engineering Ph.D.   Miguel Labrador      
32 1/25/2017 AS History M.A.   Julie Langford    
33 1/25/2017 AS History Ph.D.   Julie Langford      
34 1/26/2017 AS Integrative Biology Ph.D.   Stephen Deban      
35 1/26/2017 BC Behavioral and Communitiy Sciences Ph.D.   Catherine Batsche Admission Deadlines, Requirements    
36 1/26/2017 MD Pathology Certificate   Patricia Kruk      
37 1/30/2017 ED Qualitiative Research Certificate   Jennifer Wolgemuth      
38 1/31/2017 GS Cyber             
39 2/2/2017 AS Religious Studies MA   Gil Ben-Herut      
40 2/28/17 ED All majors all   Roger Brindley Remove course by course language from admissions section (already in Univ Policy)    
41 2-Mar EN Mechanical Engineering MSME   Rasim Guldiken     paper copies?  1/25/17
42 2-Mar EN Mechanical Engineering MME   Rasim Guldiken     paper copies?  1/25/17
43 2-Mar EN Mechanical Engineering PhD   Rasim Guldiken     paper copies?  1/25/17
44 3/22/17 PH Public Health DrPH     Additional change to previous submission    


On Hold for a future meeting:

New Degree Program
AS - CIP 09-0900:  MS in Advertising  Proposal (revised from 1/23/17), Supplemental Information, Catalog (draft)


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Revised Program Review Document with Council edits
List of Programs approved since 2005

2015-2016 Review List
EN - Materials Science and Engineering (MSMSE) 2008
AS - Government (PhD) 2009
AS - Economics (Ph.D.) 2010
AS - History (PhD) 2009
AS - Sociology (PhD) 2009
BA - Real Estate (MSRE) 2009 (Currently Suspended for Admissions)
CS - Global Sustainability (MA) 2010
PH - Public Health (DrPH) 2009
TA - Urban and Community Design (MUCD) 2009