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Graduate Council Meeting Archives

For copies of Agendas, Minutes, or Committee Reports not listed below, contact  Please note the curriculum documents below reflect what was reviewed.  In some instances additional changes were required for approval that are not noted on the posted copy.



2016-2017 Graduate Catalog Summary

Sept 12 Policy: Agenda , Policy/Fellowship Report 
Sept 12 Curr: Agenda, Curriculum Report
Sept 26: Agenda,
Minutes (May)

Oct 3 Policy: Agenda , Policy/Fellowship Report
Oct 3 Curr: Agenda Curriculum Report
Oct 17 Agenda ,
Minutes (Sept)

Nov 7 Policy: Agenda , Policy/Fellowship Report
Nov 7 Curriculum: Agenda, Curriculum Report
Nov 21 Agenda, Minutes

Dec 5 Policy: Agenda , Policy/Fellowship Report
Dec 5 Curriculum - Agenda, Curriculum Report
Dec 12: Agenda, Special Guest Dr. Wilcox: Handouts - GC Charge/Curriculum Review; Flowchart; Definitions, Minutes - October, November,

Jan 9 Policy: Agenda , Policy Report
Jan 9 Curriculum: Agenda, Curriculum Report,- AS - CIP 09.0401: MA in Journalism - S - CIP 09-0900:  MS in Advertising  Proposal, Supplemental Information, Catalog (draft) - (pending revisions - to be re-reviewed at a future meeting)
Jan 17 Special Meeting Agenda:  Proposal for Degree Program Termination:  14.0101 - Engineering General:  Engineering Science (MSES)
Jan 23: Agenda , Minutes
Dec), (Jan 17)

Feb 6 Policy: Agenda , Policy Report
Feb 6 Curriculum: Agenda , Curriculum Report
Feb 20: Agenda ,
Minutes (Jan 23)

March 6 Policy: Agenda , Policy Report
March 6 Curriculum: Agenda
, Curriculum Report
March 20: Agenda, Minutes (Feb 20); Pre-proposal for New Degree Program:  ED -   Learning Design and Technology (MS) - Tabled for March 20 Full meeting; needs revisions; concurrence

April 3 Policy: Agenda , Report
April 3 Curriculum: Agenda
, Report
April 17:
Agenda, Minutes

May 1 Policy: Agenda, Report
May 1 Curriculum:
Agenda, Report
May 15:
Agenda, Minutes

Policy research on Credit hours:

USF Policy 10-065: Credit hours, Alternative Methods... DRAFT - NOT APPROVED

Research Information for Credit Hour Policy - 10/3/16 policy meeting:

UC Irvine: 
Bologna Process -
University of Bologna 3 year degrees may be accepted for French and German students. 
Three-Year DegreesUCI may accept 3 year degree from UK or British style universities
Comptency-Based Credit
Couldn't find evidence of competency-based learning degrees at UC Irvine. And no mention in Graduate Catalog.  The attached article was written by someone at UCI about the approach.

SUNY Univ of Buffalo: 
The University at Buffalo welcomes applications from qualified international students. Application information regarding specific programs may be obtained by contacting the academic department in which enrollment is desired. Applicants presenting international educational credentials must possess a university degree that is recognized as equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree prior to beginning graduate study. International applicants must meet the following requirements imposed by University policy and by U.S. Immigration Service regulations.
A bachelor's degree (or higher) or the equivalent from an accredited/government recognized college or university. Most such degrees will be four or more years in length; UB recognizes some three-year degrees, but not all;

University of Pittsburgh:
International Student Academic Requirements and Credentials
The minimum requirement for admission to a graduate program is the completion of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or the completion of education that the University of Pittsburgh deems comparable to a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States.
Applicants are required to submit official original academic credentials. Official original academic credentials that are issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. In cases where the transcript (grade report, academic record, examination results, mark sheet) does not attest to the awarding of a degree or an academic qualification, a certified copy of the original certificate or diploma awarding the degree or qualification must also be submitted. Certificates or diplomas that are issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

University of Kansas:
Each graduate program at KU determines the materials needed for making admission decisions. Click here to find information about required supporting documents. This is the same information displayed on page 4 of the application.
• Regular admission requires a bachelor's degree and a grade-point average of at least a B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) from KU, regionally accredited institution, or foreign university with substantially equivalent bachelor's degree requirements. The bachelor's degree is not acceptable if it contains credit awarded for work experience that was not directly supervised by faculty members of an accredited university or not evaluated in units that identify the academic content.
Proof of a bachelor's degree (plus any post-bachelor's coursework/degrees) is required, as well as proof of English proficiency for international applicants and domestic non-native English speakers. Individual programs will have additional admissions requirements. Go to the Application Requirements page for more information.

University of Colorado:
Acceptance of Non-U.S. Degrees from Institutions of Higher Education
The University of Colorado Boulder requires that a bachelor degree meet the four year minimum requirement after 12 years of primary/secondary education (total of 16 years' of education). Bachelor degrees that are three years in length, usually completed after 12 years of primary/secondary school, will not be recognized as equivalent to a U.S. four-year bachelor degree by the University of Colorado Boulder. Countries that have secondary school programs ending after year 13 or higher will have the three-year bachelor degree recognized as equivalent to a U.S. four-year degree (total of 16 years of education). Countries with secondary school programs routinely ending prior to 12 years will be reviewed on an individual basis.
For applicants to a graduate program (master's or doctorate), the Office of Admissions will complete a credential evaluation of any degree completed by the student and forward it to the department to which the student is applying. Regardless of whether or not the Office of Admissions considers the degree to be equivalent to a U.S. four-year bachelor degree, the department will not be prevented from reviewing the application.
If a department wishes to admit a student with a three-year degree that is not considered equivalent to a U.S. four-year degree, a provisional admission is required. The standard Graduate School provisional admission process must be followed.
Australia, Bologna Process countries, Canada, India, Israel, South Africa, and Sri Lanka are just some of the countries that have three-year degrees that may be evaluated as not equivalent to a U.S. four-year degree.

University of Arizona:
Please look at this website, which is the most specific one I have seen so far:

University of Virginia:
Credit From Foreign Institutions
The University of Virginia grants credit for courses taken at recognized foreign tertiary-level educational institutions. Foreign educational institutions that are chartered and authorized by their respective national governments (generally through the Ministries of Education) are considered “recognized.” Credit is awarded for courses judged to have been completed at a C level or above. The amount of credit granted does not exceed that given for the comparable University course. The University of Virginia applies the general guidelines for awarding credit given by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Student Credentials and the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs.
Credit By Examination
The University of Virginia participates in the Advanced Placement Examinations Program of the Educational Testing Service and the International Baccalaureate Examination Program. Students who receive grades deemed satisfactory by the academic unit to which they seek admission may receive academic credit. The University does not participate in the College Level Examination Program, the College Proficiency Exam, or the USAFI and DANTES programs of the United States Military Forces.

University of Georgia:
UG has a country specific list of requirements, found at:
For example, this is what they say for India:
U.S. Bachelor’s Equivalency: A three-year bachelor’s degree is not equivalent to the U.S. bachelor’s degree. A four-year bachelor’s degree, a three-year bachelor’s plus a master’s degree, or a three-year bachelor’s plus completion of first year of the master’s program from a recognized institution by the Association of Indian University (AIU) or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

GC Credit hour Information (Summary of Pittsburg through Georgia on one document)



2016-2017 Curriculum:

Noted for the Record
AS - SIGS Administration Reorganization - Nov 2016
MD - Medical Sciences M.S.M.S. - Place Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine Concentration INACTIVE - Nov 2016
RX - Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology M.S.P.N. - change delivery mode from online to online or face-to-face - Nov 2016

EN - Creation of Medical Engineering Department - Jan 2017

Pre-proposal for New Degree Program
ED -   Learning Design and Technology (MS) - Tabled for March 20 Full meeting; needs revisions; concurrence; approved 3/20/17

New Graduate Degree Program
RX - Pharmacy Ph.D. Proposal and proposed Catalog Copy Questions for Grad Council to provide feedback on for New Degree Programs - Nov 2016

AS - CIP 09-0900:  MS in Advertising  Proposal (revised from 1/23/17), Supplemental Information, Catalog (draft) - January 9 - NOT APPROVED

Degree Program Terminations

AS - Journalism M.A. (09.0401) - approved 1/9/17 

EN - Engineering Science (14.0101) M.S.E.S. - Approved 1/17/17

Accelerated Programs
EN - Chemical Engineering (BS to MS) - UGC approved 2/7/17; GC approved 3/6/17 (with recommendations to remove 5000-level courses from undergrad curriculum)

Dual Degrees 
MD/PH - Dual Degree: Public Health (MPH) and Medical Sciences: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Conc (Ph.D.) - terminate dual degree option  (Has COM concurrence) - approved 3/6/17

BA - Business Administration: Sport Business Concentration (MBA) / Sport and Entertainment Management (MS) - Catalog (revised 3/23/17) - Excel - Change language; update to match degree listings; add shared course information -Approved 4/3/17 pending COB approval for revision needed for compliance to policy (15% max shared; total must be 60 hours after sharing) for compliance to SACSCOC.  Final approval pending.


Changes to Majors- Curriculum Changes
AS - Liberal Arts M.A. Change Admission Deadlines for Fall from Feb 15 to Aug 1 - Approved as VZ Extension 9/12/16

CS - Global Sustainability M.A. Change curriculum - draft Catalog Copy - Pending Clearance - 10/3/16
PH - Public Health MPH, MSPH, Ph.D., Dr.Ph - Change GRE language  10/3/16                           
PH - Public Health: Occupational Medicine Residency (POM) MSPH Change curriculum 10/3/16
RX - Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (MSPN) - Change admission requirements 10/3/16

NR - Nursing MS -   Revised Catalog - MS  - Added Application language and RN License Policy language - Nov 2016
NR - Nursing DNP -   Revised Catalog - DNP. - Added Application language and RN License Policy language - Nov 2016
NR - Nursing Science PhD Revised Catalog - Ph.D. - Added Application language and RN License Policy language - Nov 2016
NR - Nursing Science Ph.D. - Catalog Copy - Change admissions for clinical pathway/curriculum requirements - Nov 2016
MD - Medical Sciences M.S.M.S. - Catalog Copy - Change Anatomy Concentration Requirements - Nov 2016
MD - Health Informatics M.S.H.I. - Catalog Copy  - Add Healthcare Analytics Concentration - Nov 2016
EN- Chemical Engineering M.S.Ch. - Catalog Copy - Terminate BSB Concentration; change requirements - Nov 2016
AS - Public Administration M.P.A. - Terminate Executive Public Administration Concentration (EPA) - Nov 2016
PH - Health Administration M.H.A. - Catalog - Change requirements - Nov 2016
PH - Public Health M.P.H. - Catalog - Delete Peace Corps Master's International Program language - Nov 2016
PH -  Public Health M.S.P.H. - Catalog - Delete Peace Corps Master's International Program language - Nov 2016
PH - Public Health M.S.P.H. - Catalog - Change Industrial Hygiene Concentration to Occupational Exposure Science; revise Concentration requirements - Nov 2016
PH - Public Health M.S.P.H. - Catalog -Change Occupational Health for Health Professionals Concentration Requirements - Nov 2016
PPH - Public Health M.S.P.H. - Catalog - Change Occupational Medicine Residency Concentration Requirements - Nov 2016
MD - Medical Sciences M.S.M.S. - Terminate Health Informatics Concentration - Nov 2016
A - Finance M.S. - Catalog - Change requirements - add a core finance course FIN 6455 - (course in processing) - Nov 2016

PH - Health Administration M.H.A. / Public Health M.P.H. - Dual - Catalog - Change requirements to align changes in M.H.A. (how does PHC 6145 fit w/MPH) - Approved 12/5
EN - Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. - Updated Catalog Copy - Change requirements - Use the Updated Catalog Copy for approval - Approved 12/5 
EN - Chemical Engineering Ph.D. - Updated Catalog Copy - Terminate MFT, BEB Concentration - Change requirements - Use the Updated Catalog Copy for approval  - Approved 12/5

AS - Spanish MA - Catalog Copy (Revised) Updated copy 2-6-17 - Approved 2/6/17
BC - Rehabilitation and Mental Heatlh Counseling (Post-Bacc) MA - Catalog Copy (Revised)  Approved 2/6/17
BA - Business Analytics & Information Systems MS - Catalog Copy (Revised) Approved 2/6/17

BA - Business Administration M.B.A. - Submitted Catalog Copy - Updated Catalog Copy (1-18-17)  - Change admission/major requirements  (two combined requests) - approved 3/6/17
CS - Global Sustainability (M.S.), Additional Request- Updated Catalog Copy (includes all changes) - Change international deadlines, admission requirements; add Peace Corps option (two combined requests) - approved 3/6/17
ED - C&I: Special Education Conc (Ph.D.) - Catalog - Change Major; reduce from 82 to 64 hours post-masters - approved 3/6/17
ED - Educational Program Development (Ed.D.) - Please Adult Education (EAE) Concentration inactive for admissions - Note for the Record - approved 3/6/17
ED - All Majors (M.A.T.) - Change deadlines - note permissable change only to Fall: June3 1; Spring Oct 15; Summer Feb 15 - approved 3/6/17 
PH - Public Health (MPH) - Catalog - add Occupational Medicine Residency Concentration (POM) - tabled 3/6/17 
PH - Public Health (MPH) - Terminate Socio Health Sciences (SHS) Concentration  - approved 3/6/17
EN - Computer Engineering (M.S.C.P.) - revise International Deadline language; add grade requirement (and remove non-existent electives) - approved 3/6/17 pending comp info
EN - Computer Science (M.S.C.S.) - revise International Deadline language; add grade requirement (and remove non-existent electives) - approved 3/6/17 pending comp info

BA - Accountancy (M.Acc.) - catalog (2/28/17) - change admissions requirements - tentatively on agenda pending clarification of catalog copy (faculty emailed 3/1/17)  - tabled 3/6/17
EN - Information Technology M.S.I.T. - catalog- Change deadlines - tentatively on agenda pending confirmation of catalog revisions with faculty (emailed 3/2) - approved 3/6/17 pending comp info

Curriculum Changes to Existing Majors  approved 4-3-17:
BA - Sport and Entertainment Management (M.S.) - Catalog - Change Admissions, remove sequence
BA - Accountancy (M.Acc.) - catalog (3/3/17) - change admissions requirements - tabled 3/6/17
AS - Applied Anthropology (M.A.) - Catalog (rev 3-28-17) - Change curriculum; add pathways; update courses
TA - Art (M.F.A.) -  change curriculum
ED - College-wide change - remove course-by-course evaluation of transcript language (already in Univ Policy and moving away from College requirement)


New Graduate Certificates
BC - Leadership in Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health detailed information - approved 9/12/16

MD - Healthcare Analytics - Approved 12/5
BA - Human Resources - Approved 12/5 
BA - Project Management - Approved 12/5
ED - Qualitative Research - Tabled- need to reduce hours; question on S/U grading and unstructured courses.  Must revise and resubmit. Reviewed 12/5/16

Graduate Certificates - Curriculum Changes
MS - Teaching and Communicating Ocean Sciences Broader Impacts  - approved 10/3/16

PH - Public Health Generalist  Nov 2016
PH - Public Health Policy & Programs Nov 2016
CS - Climate Change and Sustainability Nov 2016
CS - Coastal Sustainability Nov 2016
CS - Energy Sustainability Nov 2016
CS - Food Sustainability and Security - may need concurrence from PH for Food Safety Concentration Nov 2016
CS - Global Sustainability Nov 2016
CS - Sustainable Tourism Nov 2016
CS - Water Sustainability  Nov 2016

NR - Advanced Pain Management - Change admissions requirements - approved 12/5
BA - Joint SA/USF Certificate in Analytics and Business - Add two electives - approved 12/5 PENDING submission of the two selected topics courses (ISM 6930) reviewed 12/5/16

Changes to Graduate Certificates approved 4/3/17:
BA - Compliance, Risk, and Anti-Money Laundering - Change pre-reqs
PH - Epidemiology - deactivate
PH - Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases - Change course
PH - Concepts and Tools of Epidemiology - Change courses
BA - SAS Approved Certificate in Analytics and Business Intelligence - add two course options  

Noted for the record on 4/3/17:
AS - Government Ph.D. - Change Admission Deadline
BC - Aging Studies Ph.D. - Change Admission Deadline
BC - Behavioral and Community Sciences - Change Admission Deadline
ED - School Psychology Ed.S. and Ph.D. - Change from direct receipt to regular admission



September 14, 2015    Policy Agenda, Report
September 14, 2015    Curriculum AgendaReport
September 21, 2015    Full Council Agenda, Minutes (May 2015); Council of Graduate Schools Newsletter; 2015-2016 Graduate Catalog Summary;  Linguistics and Applied Linguistic Studies - Ph.D. Proposal (Updated copy posted; including table revisions of 10-7-15) and Catalog Copy  (Note - the proposal includes Tables and CV's and is over 123 pages - note before printing!)

October 5, 2015    Policy Agenda, Report
October 5, 2015    Curriculum AgendaReport, Course Addendum
October 19, 2015   Full Council Agenda, Minutes (September2015); APPROVED:  Program Termination - Full CIP 05.0102 American Studies (BA/MA); APPROVED: New Graduate Certificates: Energy Sustainability, Global Sustainability, Sustainable Tourism, Water Sustainability

Nov 2, 2015 Policy Agenda, Policy/Fellowship Report
Nov 2, 2015 Curriculum; November Agenda, Curriculum Report 
Approved on Nov 2:
AS - Economics MA  - Change to regular admissions
AS - Economics Ph.D. - Change to regular admissions
AS - Library and Information Science M.A. - Catalog Copy - Add Tech requirement/rev comps
CS - Global Sustainability MA - (includes Catalog copy) - Add two Concentrations: Coastal Sustainability and Food Security
ED - Educational Leadership M.Ed. - Catalog Copy - Reduce hours to 30, revise requirements
Note for the Record: Reactivation of Cybersecurity: Computer Fundamentals; and non-sub updates to catalog copy for Public Health: Infection Control Concentration (Course number updates)
Graduate Certificates: CS - Coastal Sustainable Management, CS - Coastal Sustainability, CS - Food Sustainability and Security, CS - Sustainable Tourism Leadership, NR - Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Education
Nov 16, 2015 Full Council Agenda, Minutes (October)

Dec 7, 2015 PolicyAgenda Policy/Fellowship Report
Dec 7, 2015 Curriculum Agenda , Curriculum Report
Dec 14, 2015 Full Council Agenda, Minutes

December Curriculum:
New Graduate Program:
BC - Behavioral and Community Sciences Ph.D. (note over 100 pages); Catalog Copy; OGS Approval Form - Approved 12/7/15
New Accelerated Program:
AS/EN - Chemistry (BS) / Biomedical Engineering (MS); Catalog Copy - Approved Pending Curriculum change from 4000 level to graduate level 12/7/15
Program Changes:
BC - Social Work MSW - Catalog Copy - revise curriculum Approved 12/7/15
CS - Global Sustainability - Catalog Copy -  Add two new concentrations: Building Sustainable Enterprise, Sustainable Transportation  Approved 12/7/15
PH - Health Administration MHA - remove summer admission option  Approved 12/7/15
PH - Public Health MPH - remove summer admission option  Approved 12/7/15
PH - Public Health MSPH - remove summer admission option Approved 12/7/15
Graduate Certificates: CS - Building Sustainable Enterprise Approved 12/7/15, CS - Global Strategy and Decision-Making Tabled for Name issue 12/7/15; CS - Sustainable Transportation Approved 12/7/15

Jan 11 January Policy Agenda, Policy/Fellowship Report
Jan 11 Curriculum January Agenda , Curriculum Report
Jan 25 Full Council Agenda, Minutes, PH Public Health MSPH - Change in Core, New Concentration in Genetic Counseling (Approved 1/25/16)

January Curriculum: 

New Degree Program Under Existing CIP
BC - Applied Behavior Analysis MS (Linked document also includes Change of Program for MA) Approved 1/11/16

Program Changes
BC - Applied Behavior Analysis MA (Linked document also includes proposal for New MS under existing CIP)   Approved 1/11/16
CS - Global Sustainability MA  (Admission Deadlines; exception received) Approved 1/11/16
PH - Public Health MPH: Biostatistics Concentration, Epidemiology & Biostatistics Dual Concentration, Epidemiology Online (New Concentration Code), Nutrition and Dietetics (New Concentration);  Approved 1/11/16
PH - Public Health MSPH: Biostatistics Concentration  Approved 1/11/16
PH - Public Health PhD: Admission Deadlines, Health Services Research Conc,  Approved 1/11/16
For Information only - Minor Catalog Edits for PH: Public Health: Global/Epi Conc Approved 1/11/16
Graduate Certificates
AS - Community Development - changes approved 1/11/16


February 1 Agenda, Policy/Fellowship Report   February 1 Curriculum Agenda  Curriculum Report, Course Addendum February 15 Agenda, Minutes, Program Change: BA - Business Administration MBA - Revise Curriculum, Add concentrations (Does not include change to admissions information)

February Curriculum

New Accelerated Program
AS- Humanities and Cultural Studies (BA) / Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Film and New Media Studies (MA) (BA/MA) Catalog Copy

Program Changes
CS - Global Sustainability MA:  New Concentration in Climate Change and Sustainability; add Capstone course option
ED - Exercise Science MS - Approved Catalog Copy - changing program to 33 hours; curr. revisions

Graduate Certificates
CS - Climate Change and Sustainability - New Certificate
BA - Business Foundation - Change Course


March 7 Policy March Agenda , Policy/Fellowship Report ; Curriculum Agenda, Curriculum Report, March 21 - Full Council Agenda, Minutes

March Curriculum

ED - Educational Program Development Ed.D. (CIP 13.0301) UPDATED MOU  Ed.D. Catalog Copy (2015-2016); catalog copy w comments (word) - approved with minor edits

New Program Pre-Proposal 
AS - Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication (M.S.) - approved with minor edits

Program Changes
AS - Cancer Biology - Change from Direct Receipt to Regular Admission (Late add to agenda) - Catalog copy not required
ED - Exercise Science M.S. - Changes hours from 36 to 33, revise curriculum. Catalog (previously tabled)
PH - Health Administration (MHA), Public Health (MPH, MSPH) - rescind recent change to elminate Summer admissions (will retain summer admissions)
TA - Music Education M.A. - Change curriculum; change from Direct Receipt to Reg Admissions - approved with minor edits to catalog copy for International Test Scores

Graduate Certificates
PH - Health Management and Leadership - Change requirements
PH - Public Health Policy and Programs: Change Requirements


April 4 Policy April Agenda , Report; Curriculum April Agenda, Report 
April 18 Full Council

April Curriculum - 4-4-16

S - Geography/ESP Ph.D. -  Geo/ESP Catalog Change curriculum
AS - Linguistics: ESL M.A. Reduce Internship; increase electives
BA - Marketing M.S. Catalog - Change Curriculum
BC - Applied Behavior Analysis M.A., M.S. Add requirement that all courses require grade of B or better
ED  - Curriculum and Instruction: Secondary Ed: IT M.Ed.   Catalog -Change Conc Name to “Instructional Technology”- curriculum
ED - Curriculum and Instruction: Ed Studies Concentration M.Ed. Place concentration inactive
ED - Curriculum and Instruction: Career and Workforce Ed Ph.D. Catalog - Change Curriculum
ED - Educational Leadership Ed.S. Change Curriculum, update deadlines (justification provided)
ED - Reading and Language Arts Ed.S. Reactivate Program for Admissions
MD - Medical Sciences: Anatomy Conc. MSMS   Catalog Change Curriculum
MD - Medical Sciences: Athletic Training - Terminate Concentration
MD - Medical Sciences: IMS M.S. Change curriculum – reduce hours by 1
PH - Public Health MSPH Revisions to Core (second changes to core)
PH - Public Health MPH Correct Peace Corps Statement

Graduate Certificates
CS - Global Strategy and Decision Making - previously tabled: issue with title, Andrews Letter,  Tauber Letter
ED - eLearning Design and Development: Change Requirements
ED - Web Design: Change requirements
MD - Anatomy - New proposal
NR - Adv Pain Management - New Proposal


May Policy Agenda  (includes policy info in document)

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Public Comment on Agenda Items
3. Items for Review (see agenda):  Transfer of Credit/Application of Credit, Dual Degree Policy, Graduate and Affiliate Graduate Faculty, and USF Policy 10-065: Credit hours, Alternative Methods...
4. New Business

Reference Data / Research info

Credentialing - USF COB, NC State University,  Rutgers; Pittsburgh:,, SUNY Withdrawal - Rutgers Transfer of Credit - Rutgers For future discussion or reference -Accelerated Program- (Word doc) clarify wording for when students are moved to graduate status (alleviate financial aid issues....) 
Academia 101 Powerpoint;


May Curriculum Agenda -

Program Changes - see notes on Agenda
AS - Chemistry (Non-thesis) M.A.
AS - Chemistry M.S.
AS - Chemistry Ph.D.
AS - Communication M.A.- change to regular admissions (Noted for record) 
AS - Communication Ph.D. -change to regular admission  (Noted for record)
AS - History M.A. - updated Catalog Copy
AS - History Ph.D. -  updated Catalog Copy
AS - Liberal Arts M.A. - new concentration: American Studies Catalog Copy
BA - Management M.S. - Updated Catalog Copy Add new Concentration in Project Management
BA - Management Information Systems M.S. - Change name to: Business Analytics and Information Systems
BC - Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health M.A.  - non-sub changes for courses/title - (Noted for record)
BC - Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling M.A.  Catalog Copy - deadlines, grade of B or better
ED - Special Education, Gifted Education M.A.
ED - MAT Programs (all) - accreditation update
EN - Chemical Engineering M.S.Ch. - minor revision to thesis option statement
EN - Civil Engineering M.C.E. Catalog Copy. -
EN - Environmental Engineering M.E.V.E. Catalog Copy.
EN - Civil Engineering M.S.C.E. Catalog Copy
EN - Environmental Engineering M.S.E.V. Catalog Copy
EN - Civil Engineering Ph.D. Catalog Copy.
EN - Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Catalog Copy
TA - Art M.F.A. - SACS compliance and course correction

Graduate Certificates
BA - Business Analytics (New)
MD - Health Sciences - Change
MD - Biomedical Ethics - Change
MD - Integrative Health Coaching - Place Inactive  - (Noted for record) 
MD - Integrative Oncology - Place Inactive - (Noted for record) 

Memorandum of Understanding - Education (Updated agreement, replacing previously approved one) - Noted for the record


May Full Council Agenda  May 16, 2016 - ALN 296



2015-2016 ANNUAL SUMMARY of Curriculum Reviewed (through October)

New Programs:

AS Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Studies PhD - Proposal and Catalog Copy  (Note - the proposal includes Tables and CV's and is over 123 pages - note before printing!) APPROVED 9-14-15 (Tables revised 10-7-15; approved)
MD Advanced Athletic Training M.S. -
new program under an existing CIP Code:  Proposal and Catalog Copy APPROVED 9-14-15

Program Termination - Full CIP 05.0102 American Studies (BA/MA) - Approved 10/19/15

Program Changes

AS - Psychology: Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Psych Concentration - Admissions Deadline Change  Approved 10/7/15
AS - Psychology: Industrial-Organizational Concentration - Admissions Deadline Change Approved 10/7/15

 Graduate Certificates -



Full Council Meetings
September 22 Agenda , Minutes
October 20 Agenda, Minutes
November 17 Agenda, Minutes
December 15 Agenda, Minutes
January 26 Agenda, Career Pathways Report
February 16  Agenda, Minutes
March 16 - Agenda, Minutes, Policy/Fellowship Report, Curriculum Report and Course Addendum
April 20 - Agenda, Minutes, Policy/Fellowship Report, Curriculum Report; New Program  - MS in Nurse Anesthesia, Tables, Form; Program Changes: Public Health MHA/MPH-HPM - Public Health MPH, Food Safety; Election of Chairs
May 18, 2015 - Agenda revised 5/18/15, Minutes; Common Core Discussion - BOG Email Reference; Policy/Fellowship Report; Curriculum Report

Policy Commitee Meetings
September Agenda, Report
October Agenda ,  Report
November 3 Agenda, Report - Did not meet
December 1  Agenda ,  Report
January 12 Agenda,  Report - -Reinstatement / Reapplication for Admission ; Graduate Faculty/Affiliate Graduate Faculty
February 2 Agenda; Report -USF 06-001, Reinstatement / Reapplication for Admission, Dissertation Defense 
March 2 Agenda, Report , Dissertation Defense - add that Co/MP must be physically present at the defense; -Graduate Certificate Policies -DRAFT-  bring into line with revised Transfer of Credit Policy , Academia 101 Powerpoint
April Agenda  Report
May 4 Agenda - USF 10-070 – Representation of Ed Program Material - USF 0-206 Digital Comm- Withdrawal (W) policy; Plus/Minus Grading –   SSUNY Info

Curriculum Commitee Meetings
September Agenda  
October Agenda, Curriculum Committee Report ; Graduate Course Addedum; Pre-proposal for the Ph.D. in Pharmacy
November 3 Agenda , Curriculum Report, Graduate Course Addedum
December 1 Agenda, Report; Dec 15 Graduate Course Addendum
January 12 Agenda , Curriculum Report
February 2 Agenda   Curriculum Report and Course Addendum
March 2 March Agenda, Curriculum Report and Course Addendum
April 6 Agenda  ; Curriculum Report  
May 4 Agenda


Three-Year Program Reviews
MD -Biotechnology (MSB) 200708  - Draft Report 2.5.15

Note for the Record
AS/EN - Joint Physics Program - removed from COEN section of Catalog; are now also removing from CAS section - no longer available 
GS - Cybersecurity MS - place Computer Security Fundamentals Concentration on inactive status; non-sub change to admission copy in catalog - Noted for Record 

Curriculum Proposals that were reviewed. 

Note - the documents in the links may not reflect any changes requested by Council as part of the approval.  The final copy is archived in the Office of Graduate Studies and noted in the Graduate Catalog.

New Programs - Pre-Proposals

Accelerated Programs

Program Changes

PH - Public Health MPH Terminate PHO Concentration (Approved  9/8/14)
EN - Civil Engineering PhD  - add Publication Requirement (Approved with revision 10/6/14)
EN - Environmental Engineering PhD  -  add Publication Requirement (Approved with revision 10/6/14)
NR - Nursing PhD Change: Acute Care Concentration - course updates (Approved  10/6/14)
NR - Nursing MS Change: Acute Care Concentration - course updates (Approved  10/6/14
NR - Nursing DNP Change: Acute Care Concentration - course updates  (Approved  10/6/14) 
PH - Public Health DRP - Remove Global Health Study Abroad requirement (Approved  10/6/14)
AS - Linguistics: English as a Second Language (MA)  11-3-14
BC - Audiology (Au.D.) - Change Admission Application 11-3-14, with amendments to copy
BC - Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.) - Change Admission Application 11-3-14, with amendments to copy Admissions Info for BC Requests 
EN - Biomedical Engineering (MSBE) - Add Pharmacy Concentratrion  - Updated Catalog Copy Approved 12-15-14 (NOTE: although approved, Faculty are resubmitting additional revisions)
GS - Cybersecurity: Information Assurance Concentration  Approved 12-15-14
PH - Health Administration (MHA) - Change Admission Deadline (note - later than Univ Deadline) Approved 12-15-14
PH - Public Health (MPH, MSPH) - Change Admission Deadlines (note - later than Univ. Deadline)  Approved 12-15-14
PH - Public Health MPH - New Social Marketing Conc    - Grad Catalog Copy Approved 12-15-14
AS - Government PhD - minor corrections to catalog  approved 1-12-15
AS - Political Science MA - Change Admission Deadlines, requirements  approved 1-12-15
BC - Applied Behavior Analysis Ph.D. - Admission Deadline Change  approved 1-12-15
BC - Social Work MSW - Change Admission Requirements approved 1-12-15
EN - Biomedical Engineering MSBE - Pharmacy Concentration; additional clarification for pre-reqs (ADDED TO AGENDA 1/9/15) approved 1-12-15
MD - Athletic Training MS - Change Admission Requirements approved 1-12-15
AS - Physics, Applied - PhD - Revise Adm/Qual Exams  approved 2-2-15
BC - Aging Studies Ph.D. - Change to Reg Adm; rev Adm  approved 2-2-15
BC - Criminal Justice Adm - MA - Change deadlines to Aug 1 (Alt. Calendar)  approved 2-2-15
EN - Information Technology MSIT - Change Req.  approved 2-2-15
MD - Medical Sciences Ph.D. Change Deadline to Feb 1, Adm Req approved 2-2-15
BC - Audiology AuD. - Change Deadline to Jan 15 Fall Only  - approved 3-9-15
BC - Speech-Language Pathology MS - Change Deadline to Jan 15  - approved 3-9-15
ED - Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. - Concentration Terminations (note - NOT PROGRAM TERMINATION) - approved 3-9-15
EN - Civil Engineering Ph.D. - Terminate Interdisc. Transportation Concentration  - approved 3-9-15
MS - Marine Science (MS/PhD) - Change from Direct Receipt to Regular Admissions, update Catalog Copy (Minor changes), change comp exam  - approved 3-9-15 (Note clarification needed for MS Comp Exam)
TA - Art History MA -  (Catalog Copy) Revise Admission Information - approved 3-9-15
AS - Creative Writing MFA - Add portfolio as option for thesis (withdrawn; error - NOT APPROVED 4/6/15)
AS - English MA - revise portfolio, add as thesis option approved 4/6/15
AS- Government Ph.D.- Noted for the record:  change in Comp Qual. Exam test schedule (from 1 day to split over 2 days)  Approved 4/6/15
AS - Information Studies - Name Change to Intelligence Studies and some other minor changes Approved 4/6/15
AS - Political Science MA - Change Domestic Deadline to June 1; International to May 1 Approved 4/6/15
BA - Management Information Systems MS - add two concentrations: Analytics & Business Intelligence, Information Assurance  Approved 4/6/15
ED - Curriculum and Instruction PhD: Teacher Education Concentration - Change in Teaching and Learning in the Content Area Conc. - pending confirmation of Spec/Conc. (emailed 2/24/15) Approved 4/6/15
ED - Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. - Terminate Concentrations: Higher Ed Comm Coll Teaching, Sec Ed & Student Affairs Admin Approvd 4/6/15
ED - Educational Program Development Ed.D. - Revise Program and add New Concentration - Innovative Education Approved 4/6/15 
ED - SLAIT - See Below
EN - Engineering Science MSES - Add four Concentrations - Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering; revise program  Approved 4/6/15
NR - Nursing Science PhD - Revise Core and modify MS-PhD and BS-PhD requirements Approved 4/6/15 
ED - SLAIT - proposed catalog - FINAL CATALOG -Revise Program and Change Name to SLATE - note concurrence issues - revised copy Catalog cleared by OGS to be viewed live at the meeting. 
      - SLAIT Background Documents:  November 2013 Letter from WLE; Dec 2013 Email to SLAIT Students February 2015 Ed Email to Faculty; Email March 11 to AD; ED Response to CAS; Email from CAS to ED- AD; Enrollment Numbers: Admission Data;          NAME CHANGE TO TESLA and Admission requirement changes Approved 4/6/15. 
PH - Public Health MHA/MPH-HPM - Public Health MPH, Approved 4/20/15

Approved 5-4-15

AS - Chemistry MA - revise curriculum 
AS - Chemistry MS - revise curriculum
BA - Business Administration - add healthcare specialization and notation about dual MD/MBA option
ED - TESLA - Degree Requirement Revisions Catalog Copy (Clean) EN - Chemical Engineering MSCH
EN  -Chemical Engineering MSCH - revise program due to termination of MCHE
PH - Health Administration MHA, Public Health MPH, MSPH - Change Admission Deadlines
PH - Public Health MSPH - Change Epidemiology and Industrial Hygiene Concentrations 
PH - Public Health PhD - Change Community and Family Health, Epidemiology Concentrations 

Approved at 5-18-15 GC meeting:

 Program Terminations

EN - Chemical Engineering ME Terminate Program (9/8/14) Approved
EN - Industrial & Mgmnt Systems Eng MIE Terminate Program (9/8/14) Approved
AS - Materials Science and Engineering MSMSE (CIP 14.1801) 5-4-15 (Term for CAS only; COEN retained)
EN  - Chemical Engineering MChE (CIP 14.0701) 5-4-15

Graduate Certificates

PH - Violence and Injury: Prevention and Intervention Change courses  (Approved 9/8/14)
PH - Social Marketing & Public Health Change course requirements (Approved 9/8/14)
BA - Compliance, Risk, and Anti-Money Laundering - NEW Certificate Proposal (Approved 10/6/14) 
AS - Sustainable Placemaking - New Certificate Approved 12-15-14
AS - Crime Scene Investigation - New Certificate Approved 12-15-14
MD -Scholarly Excellence, Leadership Experiences, and Collaborative Training (SELECT)  New - approved 1-12-15
PH - Health, Safety & Environment  - approved 2-2-15
AS - Sustainable Placemaking; AS - Crime Scene Investigation  - approved 12-15-14
AS - NonProfit Management - Change transfer policy for MPA approved 1-12-15
BA - Information Assurance - change requirements
BC - Translational Research in Adolescent Behavioral Health  - change requirements
EN - Robotics - Change courses - TABLED from Dec
MD -Medicine and Gender - change courses - TABLED from Dec
PH - Maternal and Child Health  - update course titles
PH - Social Marketing & Public Health - change requirements, description - approved 2-2-15
Rx - Pharmacy Sciences - change requirements, title to Pre-Prof Pharm - approved 2-2-15
ED - Academic Advising NEW - approved 3-9-15
RX - Pharmacy Entrepreneurship Leadership Management  NEW - approved 3-9-15
RX - Teaching in Pharmacy NEW - approved 3-9-15
ED - Teacher Leadership - CHANGE - Revise BA Requirement  approved 3-9-15
AS - Applied Linguistics - New Certificate  5-4-15
BA - Compliance, Risk and Anti-Money Laundering - changes - pending final InED clearance 5-4-15
PH - Homeland Security - Certificate Change/Reactivation 5-4-15

Three-Year Program Reviews


MD -Biotechnology (MSB) 200708  - Draft Report
BA - Marketing (MSM) 200708 - Draft Report 2.5.15 reviewed/received 4/6/15
AS - Creative Writing (MFA) 200808 - reviewed 3-9-15
AS - Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) 200808 - reviewed 3-9-15
ED - Math Education (6-12) MAT - re-review - Original Information - ED -Math Ed (6-12) 1st submission; Draft Report (2nd review)   reviewed / received 4/6/15

NR-Nursing (DNP) and Faculty List 200608
BC-Criminal Justice Admin (MA) 200608
AS-Statistics (MS) 200608
BA-Finance (MS) 200608

2011-2012 (Pilot year)
BA -Entrepreneurship Data;
ED -Math Ed (6-12) Data
011-2012 Program Review Letters and Reports


 Annual Reports:


Graduate Catalog:

2014-2015 USF Graduate Catalog Summary of Changes and 2013-2014 Course Addendum