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Fellowship Application

Graduate Student Success (GSS) Fellowship Application


Consistent with the USF strategic plan, the Office of Graduate Studies “endeavors to make academic excellence inclusive” and build a “diverse campus environment.” To sustain a diverse student body and provide opportunities for those students with financial need, the USF Foundation and Office of Graduate Studies offer a variety of fellowships. The fellowships represented in the GSS Application include:

Applicants should evaluate the specific eligibility requirements for each fellowship before applying. In general, applicants for the GSS Fellowships should be those individuals who contribute to a diverse graduate student population that supports the strategic mission of USF and its various programs. This includes, but is not limited to, academically talented domestic students who have been historically underrepresented in specific disciplines along the dimensions of ethnicity and gender. In addition, consideration is given to newly enrolled, first-generation, multi-lingual (particularly English & Spanish speaking) students who demonstrate financial need and have overcome considerable obstacles and financial hardships to attain post-secondary educational achievement. Individuals that have come from programs such as the Ronald E. McNair, FGLSAMP, and FAMU Feeder programs are also eligible to apply. Finally, in fields where males are underrepresented (i.e. Nursing and Special Education), consideration will be given to male applicants. Newly admitted students as well as continuing students are eligible to apply for GSS Fellowships unless stipulated by a particular award. Please note that students applying to or enrolled in USF's M.D. and Physical Therapy programs are not eligible for consideration for these fellowships.

Selection Process
A campus-wide faculty committee will rank the candidates and make recommendations to the Office of Graduate Studies. Applicants receiving awards will be notified by April 1st.

Description and Application There is a single application that covers all of the different GSS Fellowships. Applicants can apply for any of the eligible fellowships during the online application process. The deadline for completing the online application is February 1, 2014. Students who wish to be considered for any of the GSS Fellowships are required to:

*Students that have participated McNair, RISE, FGLSAMP, FAMU Feeder, USTAR-Marc, or (TRS)Traveling Scholar programs may be eligible for a Office of Graduate Studies application fee waiver.

Absolutely no incomplete or applications completed after the deadline will be accepted. The level of support for each of the Fellowships varies, but each provides a stipend and many provide tuition waivers. This award cannot be received concurrent with other university-based support or national fellowships or scholarships. Note that loan eligibility will be affected by receipt of USF fellowships. All applications are to be submitted online (below).
GSS Fellowship FAQs:

If you have other questions regarding the GSS Fellowships contact Peter Harries

Link to the online GSS Fellowship Application