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Graduate Course Processing

St. Petersburg


Course Proposal Procedures


Graduate Curriculum Committee Deadlines/Meeting Dates

Course Proposal Form – Select Action:


Approval Process

1. Approval Form
Complete the Graduate Curriculum Approval Form - New Course OR Graduate Curriculum Approval form - Changed/Terminated CourseIf the course is part of an existing or new program, attach a copy of the program requirements from the catalog and note where the new course fits in to the program.
Have any of the requirements changed (i.e., is this a required course, an elective, etc.; are any other courses being terminated and replaced by this course?)

2. College Review / Approval

3. Office of Graduate Studies Review Approval
After College approval, email one complete set to the USF St. Petersburg Office of Graduate Studies -

6. SCNS USF Liaison / SCNS Review (State Course Numbering System)

7. SCNS Approval / Posting in Banner
After SCNS approves the course, the USF SCNS liaison notifies the Registrar's office and copies the faculty contact on the approval. The Registrar's office will then update Banner and will email the faculty contact with an effective date for activation of the course. Faculty may then proceed with scheduling the course. Until a permanent number is assigned for new courses, faculty should use the Selected Topics course.

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[Updated 01/24/2011]