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Individual Development Plan and Career Counseling

As part of an ongoing performance management system supporting the success of the University's employees, it is expected that postdoctoral scholars undergo a review of their performance on an annual basis. A written evaluation should be prepared and delivered to each postdoctoral scholar by the responsible administrator or supervisor. Criteria for such reviews will vary according to the nature of the position and the unit in which it is located. Goals and objectives, as well as the criteria for annual reviews, should be communicated to the postdoctoral employee at the time of initial hire and at the start of each succeeding year. Training and professional development workshops attended must be documented within the annual review. Sample Annual Review forms are available from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs,

The responsible administrator should seek whatever evaluations are necessary to complete a fair and thorough review. Evaluations might be sought from colleagues and from others with whom the postdoctoral scholar interacts.

It is also strongly advised that faculty mentors have their postdoctoral scholars complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that can be used to outline goals, gauge progress, and can be useful for annual reviews. The recommended IDP form can be found at